Did Madeleine McCann Overdose???

Sorry to hit you with another Madeleine story so soon, but the allegations being made are absolutely incredible. You can read the gory details at http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/topstories/2007/09/14/madeleine-pills-overdose-sensational-claim-89520-19788978/”>www.mirror.co.uk</a&gt;


According to Guilhem Battut, an investigative journalist whose story appeared in French newspaper France Soir, body fluids found in the boot of a car rented by the McCanns prove that four-year old Madeleine had been “heavily sedated”, and France Soir claim to have hard evidence to back up the claim.

The Portugese police want Kate McCann back for further questioning – and sources are saying she may be charged with “accidental homicide”.

Now, we all know how full of shit the press can be – tabloids have been known to invent stories when reality isn’t interesting enough. So this could well be a load of old crap. But if it’s true… that would mean Kate McCann had fed sleeping pills to her four-year old daughter to keep her quiet; then, on finding the girl dead, she hid the body, concocted the “kidnapping” story – and then weeks later, she calmly went to pick up the body to dispose of it properly. If these allegations are true – and please remember, I’m saying if – it’s not me peddling this story to the press – Kate McCann is a wonderful actress (remember all the heart-rending televised pleas for help?) and a cold, calculating bitch.

France Soir claims to have evidence to back up this story. I pray to the Goddess that this isn’t true.


17 Responses to Did Madeleine McCann Overdose???

  1. Katie says:

    how horrid. is she… well… dead? i hope not. what has she done. here we r trying to HELP the parents and there lying to us.
    thats not fair atall they can get stuffed now. i think i would luv maddi more now.

  2. Georgia says:

    katie it is not madeline’s mums fault its the evil prick that took her i really do hope she is found soon poor madeline scared asking for her mummy i wonder waht they are doing to her plz help find madeline plz !!!!

  3. amy says:

    katie your a retard she will be found your just morbid and you hope she is dead you silly cow

  4. katie says:

    omg shut up yh i hope she is dead she is a lil brat !!!

    her mum does not deserve this (amy&&georgia shut the fuck up )

  5. georgia says:

    omg katie you are really harsh you dont even no them or there family you are so harsh dnt leave cmmetns like that on here again delete it now !!! you really are horrble

  6. amy says:

    katie Georgia is right that is really harsh on you to right that me and my friends think you shud get taken and see how it feels like por lil maddie lost doesnt no were she is she is onli 4 please let her go who every has her !!!

  7. heva says:


    You need to go homee =) xoxo
    Loveeuu maddiee.

  8. anonymous says:

    I just Madeleine to come home safely. I swear to God if that’s true I’m going to kill her mother. I hope she knows we’re all wishing for her to come back home! I almost cried tonight because she was gone. Why do people kidnap people when they just know they’re going to get caught? What good will it do them? That’s my question.

  9. anonymous says:

    How to Save a Life, by the Fray, fits Madeleine’s kidnapping perfectly. “If I could stay up with you all night. If I’d known how to save a life.” Her parents were out at dinner while someone kidnapped her. I bet her father thinks that if he would’ve stayed home with you all night, he would have saved a life. Well, I hope she’s not dead. But it’s been six months. She’ll be in my prayers tonight. (I started praying as soon as she went missing.) I’m desperate for her to come home. 😦

  10. anonymous says:

    My site is freewebs.com/look4madeleine I haven’t put up anything yet, except a blog, though. like i said, i have not put anything informative about the kidnapping yet

  11. nat && jade says:

    hope u cum bk safe

  12. Lauren And Danielle says:

    i Really Hope That She Comes Home Sfe GoodLook Lil Kids Go Missing Alot NowaDays Just Stay Strong…Luv Yhoo…

  13. Anonymous Junior says:

    You guys r so stupid to listen to the media n wotever bullshit they talk wich mum in the world would wanna feed their baby feeding pills unless ur mum does it 2U ! wot were u guyz finkin to believe the story written above-dont u have brains to believe such a stupid story, the media willl say or do anyfin as long as they#re getin money, you shud know how it works by now…dnt belive nuffin the media has to say unless uv seen it 4 ur own eyes

  14. t0p says:

    Anonymous Junior: I haven’t said that the sleeping pill story is true. If you read my original post, you’ll see that I said it might be bullshit. But it certainly *could have* been true – there are parents out there who dope up their kids to keep them quiet. You say my readers are naive for believing the tabloid press – I think it’s *you* who’s naive if you truly think no mother has ever given her kid sleeping pills. Do you think there are no bad mothers out there? Do you think there are no stupid mothers?

  15. tia says:

    omg i don’t know what to beleive i just want her to cum back the real matter is for he to cum back and then we can find out the killer gosh kate your not worrying enough about the fact that maddy’s gone but your worrying more about the kidnapper…but if her mum did do that…..that is just pure evil!

  16. Eeza says:

    Well If you read the messages at the front of this post you would think the Parents were saints…

    What a load of Tosh, Its clear that they HAVE played their part in this, I for one believe that they are in it up to their neck and at the very least should be charged with willfully putting there childeren in Danger.

    They will have to live with their actions that Night, I hope they can sleep

  17. Martin - South Africa says:

    Each and every person is entitled to their own opinion. I don’t think it is wise to run around at this stage, blaming anybody. Sure, the made a mistake leaving the kids alone, but this has been said over and over. Having worked the Madeleine case since she went missing, and having visited Luz twice, I am convinced of 2 things. 1.- Madeleine is dead 2.- Her remains are buried in Praia Da Luz. I am not asking anyone to believe me, merely stating that: All the evidence I gave over to the investigation team, the fund and the press, has been ignored. Mike Sullivan contacted me, I sent him pics, places and descriptions, the Mc Canns, Martin Bruntand various others were also contacted, and refused to co operate, or listen to me. As i said, HERE ARE PEOPLE PLEADING FOR ANSWERS. THEY ARE OFFERED THE MOST PLAUSABLE EXPLINATION, WITH PHOTO’S AND LOCATION, ALL MAPPED OUT, best of all, within 500 yards from where she went missing. – STARNGE THING, I THINK THEY BELIEVE ME … We are still going to have a spesific location IN Luz excavated, then we will see… ” And do not be surprised if a missing tennis bag also shows up. Stay well, Martin SA

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