More webcomics by Warren Ellis

I was messing around on my computer – searching the web for new webcomics by my fave comics writer Warren Ellis instead of getting down to learning programming in C (my current “project”), when I found this blog entry at Okay, it’s old – more than a year old! – but it’s new to me, which is what counts.

The first strip, “Superidol”, is a neat bit of SF, commenting on our current “celebrity” worship. Well worth a gawp.



The second strip linked to, “Shoot”, is, according to Mortell, “a Hellblazer issue that never saw publication owing to the Columbine High School massarcre. Ellis appearently quit Hellblazer owing to the non-publication of this issue.” It’s nice to hear that Ellis has the corage of his convictions.


Warren Ellis obviously is in the game for the money – he is a professional, after all – but the fact he was prepared to quit Hellblazer (a very popular title) because of cowardly editorial decisions proves to me that he is in the biz for more than just the money. My respect for the guy continues to grow. Check out John Mortell’s blog – and the strips he links to, of course – let’s keep the webcomic steamroller rolling!

One Response to More webcomics by Warren Ellis

  1. johnmortell says:

    Heya man, thanks a lot for the link – just as a matter of clearing things up heres a link where Ellis talks about Hellblazer and leaving the book and so on:

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