IPCC blasts Met top brass over de Menezes… and still no one takes a fall!!

The Guardian today reported the results of the Independent Police Complaints Commission’s investigation into the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes:

The IPCC report criticized the Met Commissioner, Sir Ian Blair, for trying to prevent the Complaints Commission from carrying out its investigation – it said that Blair’s actions were “of major concern” and “should never happen again” – but Blair is still refusing to quit;

The report blasted Commander Cressida Dick, police chief in charge of the operation, for failing to make sure that her instructions to “stop” de Menezes did not mean “shoot him repeatedly in the face”.  She won’t face disciplinary action… she’s been promoted;

Andy Hayman, described by the Guardian as “Britain’s top counter-terrorism police officer”, was savaged for telling the Met Commissioner that they’d killed a suicide bomber when he knew damn well that they’d actually assassinated an electrician.  His job’s safe too.

But these murderers can’t get away with it for ever.  The de Menezes family intend to go to the European Court to get justice.  And the inquest into the death is due to start soon-ish.

But it would be nice if the government would stop supporting these evil people.  How can they be allowed to continue policing us?

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