Banned books – get ’em while they’re hot!!

Censorship pisses me off. And when officialdom bans books, that really burns my ass!!

So, when I found this banned manual on the net, I thought: Screw the Man! Everyone should be able to read this if they want! And now y’all can!!

The book in question is Department of the Army Technical Manual TM 31-210. It’s the U.S. Army’s official handbook on how to make improvised munitions – that’s improvised explosive devices or IEDs. And this particular .pdf is the “Thanks-to-Feinstein’s Electronic Edition”.

Until recently, the UK’s ridiculous anti-terrorist laws made mere possession of material like this a criminal offense!! But the Appeals Court has now ruled that such material is only illegal if it can be linked to a specific terrorist act. So if you have it just out of curiosity, like me, you’re not breaking the law.

Anyway, here it is. Enjoy!

PS: the above link is to a zipped pdf version of the handbook. Alternatively, you can click on this link to a zipped html version.

PPS: the site where I found the Improvised Munitions Handbook has loads of other banned/sensitive materials available for download.  Check it out, peeps!! It’s at

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