Will “Russia vs Georgia” become “Russia vs America”?

Over the past week or so, the Russian army and airforce have pelted Georgia to hell and back.  And we in the West have been fed a constant diet of pro-Georgian propaganda: Russia is a big bully, we’re told, picking on plucky little Georgia for no good reason.  Of course, anyone with half a brain will know it isn’t quite that simple…

The truth of the matter is, there are no good guys in this scenario.  South Ossetia, an “autonomous” region of Georgia, has wanted to become part of Russia for a long time – there is a large ethnic Russian community there.  In the past month, South Ossetian separatists took military action against Georgian authority.  Georgia struck back at the rebels.   And Russia moved to protect its Ossetian buddies.

And then the USA weighs in on Georgia’s side, accusing Russia of aggression.  Georgia could certainly do with some support too!  Russia has large, powerful armed forces, whereas Georgia has… not much of anything, to tell the truth.

But the USA  isn’t mouthing off because it believes in Georgia’s moral rectitude.  Georgia wants to join NATO, and America is very keen on having a military ally in the Caucasus.  That’s why the USA is acting like protective Uncle Sam.

And Georgia’s pro-NATO attitude is the real reason why Russia attacked – South Ossetia was just a pathetic excuse.  Russia is feeling rather vulnerable at the moment.  Poland has agreed to siting the USA’s missile shield on its territory, which is too close for comfort to the Russians. The Ukraine is also in on the US missile deal. And now Georgia wants to join forces with  NATO – an organization which, not so long ago, was Russia’s enemy.  No no no!!

America is putting itself right into this conflict.  Not militarily, but politically.  And Russia isn’t going to quietly accept more American involvement in the region.  At some point, Russia’s going to tell the USA: “Put up or shut up.”  What happens then is anyone’s guess…

5 Responses to Will “Russia vs Georgia” become “Russia vs America”?

  1. chrisy58 says:

    Very interesting read. I enjoyed it.

  2. Vladimir says:

    A good article, that’s how thing really are…

  3. jewbag says:

    will usa likes to shove it noses in evry thing keroa .vitnam (got their ass kicked).now georige? and the new prist of america is a niger who knos nothing of militry?
    and usas econmy is falling like shit so if theres a war i think usa is ganna lose like hellcauses u gata buy all thoses high tec shit that cost 5mil each

  4. lol @ jewbag says:

    You sound so smart! Thanks for letting us in on your educated opinion! But yeah good article.

  5. Al says:

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