LDV can go to hell, says UK government

The UK government has announced that they will not bail-out the troubled commercial vehicle manufacturer LDV, even though this might cost 5000 British jobs. Even though they seem prepared to repeatedly bail-out the banks to the tune of tens of billions of pounds. Why is this?

The answer is quite simple. The government doesn’t like the manufacturing industry. As far as our rulers are concerned, the sooner all manufacturing moves to the developing world the better. But they like banks.  And bankers.  Oh yeah, they love bankers.

I’ve seen it suggested that, since LDV has Russian owners, the Russkies should bail ’em out.  Great.  5000 British workers can go starve to death.  Lovely.

To be fair to the government, they’re not the only ones who have got a hard-on for the banks.  The Conservative party would also give it up to the bankers if they got the chance.  And they may well get that chance if Gordon Brown and his elves don’t get their act together pretty damn soon.  I wouldn’t vote Tory.  But I know plenty of dickheads who will.

One Response to LDV can go to hell, says UK government

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