Taser! Taser! Taser! UK Police taser and beat defenceless man

Have you seen this?? Police officers in Nottingham, England, effecting an arrest. In the old days, they’d have had nothing but truncheons to batter their prisoner with. But the past decade or so has seen our boys in blue tooled up with all sorts of wonderful weaponary. Long batons, CS spray, tasers – they’ve got the lot. And here you can see them putting some of this equipment to good use.

The guy’s on the floor, having been tasered. When you’re shot with a taser, your muscles go into involuntary spasms. So he’s on the floor, arms and legs jerking, as happens when you’ve been electrocuted. But the copper decides this movement is resisting arrest. He and his colleagues try to pin the poor sod down, but his limbs are still in spasm. So the heroic Taser Cop shoots him again. Then all the coppers lay into their victim… I mean prisoner.

The way Taser Cop shouts “Taser! Taser! Taser” when he shoots the poor guy – it’s like the policeman thinks he’s on TV. Which he was, a short time later. Jeez, don’t go to Nottingham. Unless you like being electrocuted and beaten…

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