DXM: A Legal High

Disclaimer: Everything I’ve written here is just what I’ve read/heard. I’ve never actually done any. This is because I’ve read that it shouldn’t be taken by someone who uses anti-depressants. So, unlike what I’ve written about other drugs, this blog post is not based on personal experience. Bear this in mind if you’re thinking of taking DXM. Okay?

DXM is dextromethorphan. In small quantities it is a cough suppressant with no narcotic qualities. In larger quantities it acts as a “dissociative anaesthetic” like ketamine or PCP. Apparently, according to the Trip Project:

“A high dose will cause you to feel very spacey and “out of it,” and you may lose motor control (your legs may feel wobbly, for example, or at very high doses you won’t be able to move much at all). It can also produce audio and visual hallucinations, and can sometimes cause nausea and itchy skin.

“Some people use DXM recreationally. When they do, they nearly always do it at home, in bed or on their couch. DXM is definitely not a dance drug.”

Sometimes people are sold DXM pills as ecstasy. DXM can cause heat stroke, as can ecstasy. But the zombied-out feeling you get is nothing like an ecstasy buzz! I know that some rip-off merchants sell ketamine at raves, usually in the guise of something else. So I guess you might buy DXM and think you copped some Special K.

Erowid (something of an internet authority when it comes to this kind of stuff) says:

“People knowledgeable in the field recommend that only products containing DXM alone (sometimes listed as ‘Dextromethorphan hydrobromide’) in the Active Ingredients list should be used.” He lists some active ingredients that should be avoided in particular:

chlorpheniramine maleate
phenylephrine (hydrochloride)
pseudoephedrine (hydrochloride)

Erowid also advises:

# Do not take DXM if you are using, or have used an MAO Inhibitor within the last 2 weeks.

* MAOI’s include harmine & harmaline, as well as many anti-depressants.
* Check with a doctor if you’re unsure whether you medication contains MAOI’s.
* When combined with MAOI’s, DXM can cause “serotonin syndrome” with fever, hypertension, and arrhythmias.

# Do not take DXM if you are using, or have used an SSRIs within the last 2 weeks.

* SSRIs include many anti-depressants, including Fluoxetine (Prozac), Citalopram (Celexa, Lexapro), Paroxetine (Paxil), and others.
* Check with a doctor if you’re unsure whether you medication is an SSRI.
* When combined with SSRIs, DXM may cause “serotonin syndrome” with fever, hypertension, arrhythmias, etc.

In the UK, a commonly available cough medicine that contains DXM and no other active ingredients is Benylin Dry Coughs Non-Drowsy Syrup. www.netdoctor.co.uk says:

“Benylin dry coughs non-drowsy syrup contains the active ingredient dextromethorphan, which is a type of medicine called a cough suppressant. It is used to suppress a dry, tickly, unproductive cough.”

You’ll find this particular cough syrup in most chemists shops. But be aware that Benylin also makes other medicines for “tickly coughs”. Just remember the name – Benylin dry coughs non-drowsy – and if in any doubt, check that it says on the label on the front of the bottle that it contains Dextromethorphan. If it says that, you’ve got the right stuff. Drink the bottleful, relax on the sofa, and don’t take any anti-depressants or ecstasy. Remember all this, and you’ll probably be okay. If everything I’ve read is true…

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20 Responses to DXM: A Legal High

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve taken recreational doses of DXM before. It’s quite a fun drug, but really not for everyone. It is definitely a powerful dissociative. With higher doses (400mg+) it definitely becomes hard to walk without tripping or falling over, hence why I usually just do it in my room. I wouldn’t ever try going anywhere on a 3rd/4th plateau dose, but on a 1st or light second it wouldn’t be so bad.

    Also if you do plan on doing DXM, smoke some weed right before you peak. Those two drugs really go well together.

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  3. dlams says:

    i just took 16 triple c’s and 20 robo gel caps:)

  4. buy dxm says:

    dxm is for sale here for lab research only, not for human consumption

    • Martin X says:

      If you bothered to read my blog post, you would know that dextromethorphan *is* on sale for human consumption: it is a major ingredient in several brands of cough medicine.

      You really ought to read the posts before you reply to them – unless you *like* looking like a colossal penis.

      • Internet random says:

        You do know you just argued with a spambot? Who’s the collosal penis now? \o/

      • neil says:

        you do realise dxm is sold as a legal research chemical in the uk. research chemicals are the new trend in legal highs. they are often very similar chemically to illegal drugs but are synthesized to have minor differences that makes them uncontrolled substances but still active. this person was truying to advertise that they sell the stuff or are affiliated in some way. all legal highs are sold as not for human consumption, but thats exactly what they are imtended for, and the chemists know that, but they have to say it as i lehal disclaimer.

        colossasl penis, dumb ass nube. lets drink cough syrup when you can buy 99.9% crystalline dxm from hundreds of research chemical vendors on the internet. bear in mind to use a trusted one as there are lots of scammers in the just legal, constantly getting banned, then redesigned to be legal again market.

        although, of course you shouldn’t do it!

      • Martin X says:

        “collosal penis”? “dumbass nube”? Just cos I argued with a spambot? and suggested drinking cough medicine? You all make me very sad… 😦

        PS: I still stand by my suggestion that if you wanna try DXM, buy some cough medicine that contains DXM, ie. buy a brand that says on the label that it contains dextromethorphan. If I want, I can go do that *now*. Whereas if you buy it from the friendly spambot or other chemical research lab, you gotta wait for the delivery person, it will arrive later by which time you might have decided not to do it at all, thus wasting whatever small amount of money you paid… plus, if you take a substance labelled “not for human consumption” and you die, all the ghosts in the afterlife are gonna laugh at you. You took a poison and died. Duh!

        Incidentally, how much 99.9% crystalline DXM ought one take?

  5. thatvampire says:

    I get similar effects on mirtazapine which is anti depressant found by mistake ! Its ok when laid down but dont get upright !!!!!!

  6. jerriwallis says:

    DXM is very powerful in ways that kids don’t realize when they take it just for kicks. The basis of learning is repetition and in some of the meditative states that can be reached on a DXM trip (or by taking a number of trips in succession over a period of days) one can dramatically improve their waking personal state or drastically damage it. I don’t think it hurts anyone to play with DXM in safe environments — ignore for a moment that I know nothing of any health or drug interaction risks and that I am not a doctor — but long term use of DXM should be reserved for when you have a definite goal in mind for how you hope to affect yourself.

  7. Trip Dude says:

    I’ve used DXM many times in its pure form at high doses (from 500mg-1g). And i have to say that done in a safe enviroment such as your room, whilst listerning to electro trance music, it is one of thee most enjoyable experiances i’ve had. Apart from the out of body exp and vivid closed/open eye visuals, you also get the physical sensation of being a rocket shooting through space.

    And as long as you got no plans for the next day and don’t mix the drug with anything other than weed, then it’s a fun and safe trip that i highly recomend.

  8. comment soigner une sciatique…

    […]DXM: A Legal High « I HATE HATE!!![…]…

  9. constant couging…

    […]DXM: A Legal High « I HATE HATE!!![…]…

  10. Paige says:

    Dxm is horrible, i did it on christmas eve and came home thinking this drug was shit… Until it kicked in and boom I was fucked. do not do it ahaha! I was sick like 8 times, and I couldnt walk. You do hallucinate.. For example I thought I was too big for my house, so I was crouching! I thought I had wings and I kept trying to grab stuff in the thin air, it was horrible and lasted hours! I hated it… Would be a laugh to do it again, but no way as much as I did last time. Haha!

  11. mark says:

    Triple c destroyed my life. No high is worth losing everything that means anything to you. People please realize that if you need an escape from reality, you need help, not a buzz. god bless you all.

    • Bee says:

      okay sounds good maybe expand on what one may need to save ones Soul, just stateing God bless not enough, please big “G” when refering to the Lord

  12. Martin X says:

    Okay, I’m replying to Toni’s comment here to explain my policy regarding off-topic replies. While I welcome and appreciate comments, I tend to delete ones like Toni’s. It has nothing to do with the subject at hand (drugs) and appears to be just a way to steer traffic towards Toni’s blog, which will help improve its Google score and maybe get some advertising revenue.

    Toni: If I’m wrong, I’m very sorry, but please remember in future not to leave such off-topic comments. To answer your questions: I’m using an old WordPress theme called “Contempt” which I have customized using WordPress’s own tools. I can’t offer any advice about your blog as I don’t use Internet Explorer.

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