How to make pepper spray (and believe me, this one *works*)

DISCLAIMER: Everything here is just for informational and entertainment purposes. The author can take no responsibility for the consequences of your actions. In fact, taking any notice of anything he writes is just crazy. The guy’s a certifiable loon.


UPDATE: A serious problem with this has been the use of non-aerosol cans.  The pump sprays are far inferior.  So, at last, here are some ideas I’ve found that may solve the problem:

  • Make your own pressurized spray cans out of soda bottles and


  • Buy refillable cans
  • A couple of DIY videos (from Youtube):

Please bear in mind that I have not tried out any of the above.  Do it at your own risk, safety is paramount, don’t do anything stupid.



Women out alone at night are still vulnerable to rape and other attacks. And they’re not the only potential victims of violence: society as a whole is getting grimmer and grimmer. When I was a teenager, growing up in a small city in 1980s England, very few of my contemporaries carried weapons. But now knives are almost de rigeuer amongst the youths in Britain; and guns are no longer just a big city problem.

So before anyone posts a comment saying “Why make pepper spray? Go buy some”, please bear in mind that in the UK (and some other countries such as Ireland, Belgium and Iceland) the possession of pepper spray by private citizens is illegal. There’s plenty of reason why someone might feel the need to carry some. (I recommend you read the passage on pepper spray legality in Wikipedia, as it is pretty interesting. For instance, in Germany it is legal for anyone, even children, to carry pepper spray so long as the container is labelled that it’s to be used for protection from animal attack. Yet in the UK and Ireland it’s considered in law as a firearm! What a strange world we live in…)

However: I am not suggesting that anyone makes this stuff to use as a weapon. I use it as a garden spray to keep bugs off my gardenias. But that’s just me…

Anyway, to the recipe. I found this on the interwebs somewhere. I can’t recall where, so I can’t credit the author. But I’m happy to do so if he/she gets in touch.

Required: hot red pepper powder (I use Schwartz’s Cayenne Chilli Pepper Powder); surgical spirit (aka rubbing alcohol); baby oil; 2 small glasses (one with a lid); coffee filter paper, or muslin, or something like that; a funnel; a spray bottle.

1. Put 2 tablespoons of pepper powder into a small glass.

2. Add enough surgical spirit to completely submerge the pepper powder to a depth of 1 cm or so.

3. Give it a good stir. You want to dissolve as much pepper powder as possible, though a certain amount will remain undissolved even after 15 minutes of stirring.

4. Add 10 drops or so of baby oil.

5. Put the lid on the glass and shake well.

6. put the muslin/filter paper in the funnel, then use this to filter the mixture as you pour it into the second small glass. This will filter out the undissolved pepper powder – you don’t want it clogging up the spray bottle in your hour of need! Pour it slowly. Once it’s all been filtered, discard the filter and the waste powder.

7. Transfer liquid to your spray bottle. Obviously you can’t use a pressurised can as these can’t be opened and re-used. But some products, like Body Shop lotions and antibacterial handwashes, come in spray bottles that use a pump system to spray out their contents and can be opened and refilled. These spray bottles do not contain a propellant under pressure, so you can’t deliver a long, continuous spray – but believe me, with this stuff you won’t need to.

Now, I was pretty leery about putting too much faith in a recipe I found online. I could see from the list of ingredients that the spray was unlikely to blind or cause permanent damage to a target. But I didn’t much like the idea of spraying this stuff into an attacker’s eyes just for him to laugh at me before pounding my face into the ground. So I knew I had to test the stuff. And the only ethical way of doing this was to test it on myself.

First of all I dabbed some on my lips and the skin on my face. That didn’t do much at all. So then I sprayed a little into one of my eyes.

I was prepared, and it really was only a little spray: but the shock and pain still doubled me up. If I had been blasted in both eyes with a few shots, I would have been blinded and probably knocked off my feet. Yet 15 minutes later I was okay again. (Note: if you get sprayed, it helps a little to wash your eye with milk.)

So there you have it. If you are attacked and happen to have a bottle of this stuff on you, a few sprays to the attacker’s eyes should distract him long enough for you to make good your escape or whatever. But remember: it has to be sprayed into his eyes. Stuff like Mace, CS spray and proper pepper spray will hurt an assailant’s skin. But a pair of sunglasses will probably protect him from the effects of this stuff. So this isn’t some magic potion or Touch Of Death. Keep its limitations in mind.

If anyone knows of better recipes, please share them in the Comments. But remember: we don’t want anything that causes real, long term damage. If we wanted to do that, we could just carry concentrated sulphuric acid or caustic soda (please, please, please don’t throw acid or caustic soda in anyone’s face. That kind of stuff can cause horrible disfigurement and even death. I’m talking about legitimate self-defense here, not malicious wounding of other human beings. Seriously).

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  1. So What says:

    Hey there,
    thanks for this piece of information, really nice.

    I have two questions though:
    – how long does this stay potent?
    – can one use a squirt gun instead of a regular spray bottle?

    Kind regards

    • Martin X says:

      1. I don’t know for a fact how long this spray will last, but I *think* the original recipe said 2 weeks. That’s something to consider. It might also be a good idea to keep the stuff in the fridge if you intend to keep some for any length of time, but that really is a guess.

      2. I can’t see any reason why you couldn’t use a squirt gun. That would get over the limited range problem I mentioned with spray pumps. But remember, if you were to use this on a living creature, you’d have to aim for the eyes. Not that I’m suggesting you *should* use it on a living creature. I’m just saying, you know?

      • MKSafety says:

        I had an idea. If you made the runny liquid spray, a line across the forehead could drizzle down into the eyes of any attacker regardless of sunglasses. I have a friend who lives in not exactly the nicest neighborhood, and he carries pepper spray because there is a lot of violent theft. So he had a soap top, the kind you press down, he clipped a bit off the end of the tube that goes inside the bottle from the soap, due to the height of his can. He screwed his soap top into a candy spray bottle (I.E. Warheads) or a glasses cleaner bottle would probably also work. He said he was waiting in line at the store when some goon ran up and snatched his wallet. He gave chase, and being the ex military person he is, hit him with a line of it on his forehead when he looked back to check how far he was. He said about 15 feet later, the attacker was on the ground writhing in pain, and 20 minutes after that the cops were there.

    • hunter says:

      COOL :))))))))

  2. Martin X says:

    A little update on some useful stuff I recently thought of and tried out. If you have access to some powerful chilli peppers (fresh or dried) you can slice up a couple of the peppers and then leave them to soak overnight in the surgical spirit you intend to use. Maybe put some baby oil in there too: not so sure about that, as I don’t really know what the baby oil’s for – it’s something to do with solubility I think, but don’t quote me on that.

    Anyway, soak the chilli slices overnight in the surgical spirit, then carry on as I outlined above. If the chillis really are powerful, they should add some extra kick to the spray. Those bugs on your gardenias won’t know what hit ’em! 😉

    • theJAKE says:

      Stumbled across this somehow after doing some googling round Warren Ellis’ fine comic Transmetroplitan – but thought I’d drop my tuppence worth here – buy some Deep Heat Spray. I accidentally tested it on my eyes and and for about 20 minutes crawled around y flat crying and gagging back sick – and its pressurised woop!

      And if the fuzz get funny, you can explain how you were trying to help the assailant with his chronic lower back pain and, well, just … missed?

      • Martin X says:

        theJAKE: Thanks for the tip dude! Like you say, Deep Heat is pressurized, which makes it much more useful than what I described. Plus you shouldn’t have any problem explaining to the cops why you were carrying Deep Heat, if the shit hit the fan and you had to use it. It’s a 100% legal thing. Which mine might not be, if you were carrying it for the wrong kind of reasons…

    • MKSafety says:

      I believe it is because it makes it better for spraying, cooking oil should also work

    • Penny says:

      The Baby Oil or any oil makes it stick to the person better.

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  5. jnjknjbjbb says:

    you say not to carry acid…why not…if someone is going to rob me or try to harm me, how do i know if i won’t get killed or seriously hurt…i say f um…acid in the face and i’m in fear of my life!

  6. jnjknjbjbb says:

    there’s no law in usa tha says i can’t carry a spray bottle of bleach and/or muriatic acid…i have zeo sympathy for a mugger or robber…don’t play with fire if you don’t want to get burned!

    • Martin X says:

      I’m writing from the perspective of a UK citizen. Our laws are very different to yours. It’s also illegal here to incite others to break the law.

  7. spy software says:

    I do accept as true with all of the ideas you’ve offered to your post. They’re very convincing and can definitely work. Nonetheless, the posts are too brief for starters. May just you please extend them a bit from next time? Thank you for the post.

  8. Martin X says:

    spysoftware: was that aimed at me or jnjknjbjbb?

  9. Goldankauf says:


    […]How to make pepper spray (and believe me, this one *works*) « I HATE HATE!!![…]…

  10. cacre says:

    u can buy
    EveAid Personal Defence Spray for £15:60 which is legal in uk and amirica

    • Martin X says:

      EveAid isn’t what I would call an effective defence spray. If you read about it [link here] you will find it has a “triple effect”:

      1) A can that looks similar to mace or CS gas, visually detering attacks before they start.

      2) A spray designed to stop aggressors in their tracks by emitting a powerful non toxic overwhelming odour. Powerful enough to stick to clothes and skin for upto 3 days to help identify potential suspects just by how they smell.

      3) Hidden UV dye released in the spray cloud marks the intended indivdual and hides on clothes and skin for upto 3 days identifyable by the police increasing the chance of conviction.

      The first listed “effect” is rather pathetic – it looks like a mace or pepper spray can, so it will allegedly deter an attacker. Anyone who knows about self-defence will tell you that, if you have a weapon, you shouldn’t show it to an attacker as he will probably just take it away from you. And anyway, why should the can’s design deter anyone? An attacker may have no idea what a commercially-available can of mace looks like.

      The second “effect” – the spray’s “powerful non toxic overwhelming odour” is not going to be a problem for most attackers. The “overwhelming odour” can’t be so bad as to incapacitate an attacker, otherwise the law would consider it a “noxious substance” and therefore banned by Section 5(1) (b) of the firearms act 1968 (the law that makes mace and pepper spray illegal in the UK). A bad smell is not going to deter an attacker.

      The third “effect” – the UV dye that lasts up to 3 days – won’t deter an attacker because the attacker is unlikely to know about it (it’s invisible under normal light) unless you take the time to tell him about it… by which time you will be on the floor having your face kicked in.

      Its cost (£15.60) is rather high, considering its efficacy as a self-defence spray. It might work against a dog due to the animal’s sensitive sense of smell, but most human attackers wouldn’t be put off by it. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

  11. Paul says:

    I think I might just buy some for five bucks at a local weapon store.

    Pepper spray is 100% legal in America, if your 18, but i though it might be easy just to make some.

    • Martin X says:

      Yes Paul, if you live somewhere that allows sale/possession of pepper spray or CS spray, you should definitely buy some from a reputable (or even unreputable) source. The spray I have devised has a number of shortfalls, which I have mentioned already. An off-the-shelf, pressurized can of Mace or pepper spray will trump my spray any day.

  12. Disillusioned. says:

    Great to read all of this. Last night some nut tried to break my door down by using a flower tub as a battering ram. I phoned the police – who came super-quick and took him away, but then they phoned to say that he was drunk and didn’t know what he was doing and they were not going to charge him. He split the frame of my door – not to mention scaring the life out of me (I live alone) and Ieft me with no locks and £200 worth of damage to the door. I haven’t been able to eat and keep crying my eyes out.
    I feel such a fool for calling the police out. I’d have been better off opening the damn door and going at the guy with whatever I had to hand. I’m in my fifties, tiny and arthritic, but if I’d had a pepper spray I could easily have disabled him and he would maybe have learned the lesson that the police and justice system in the UK have failed to teach him.
    Now where did I put that cayenne pepper…? It may be against the law in this country – but since the laws are not enforced anymore what the hell does that matter!

    • The legend says:

      Eveaid is proven affective we are talking about a fetter ant here trying to nip something in the bud before it happens and eve spray gives if a bad smell thst stays in the attackers clothes and skin for 7 days and can be seen under UV light now if lets say a girl is attacked and she sprayed this on him this is a big enough detetsntbtibstolvhim right their and the smell will put him of carrying if he’s attack and if you have a good description and police do arrest him within 7 days he will have eve spray still on him so has no excuse ….. Although I do think the chilli spray is a good idea and is not classes has offensive weapon …. And who ever said why not throw acid in their face this will be a lot more tricky to carry about on your person than eve spray and homemade chilli spray and to he honest I think most police officers if yih gave no huge previous for offensive weapons would not say snything about the Eva it chilli but get real you would probably end up soaking your own bollocks in acid carrying it about before you even get attacked ,,,,, also affective to any human is the 2 finger take down using first 2 fingers jabbed right under either ear this will knock them out for 29 seconds it do I a flat hand thumb smash under the septum of the nose although not to hard because although this will shatter the nose it also could kill someone but if they attacking you your life us in jeoirdy then do what you need to do to stay safe especialy woman ,,,,,, learn kava or BJJ this gives you confidence and ifvyiurvstravkeg us armed with a knife do had they say until u feel u have a second to spray we don’t want any dead Heros but Shane we have to discuss this but we are in a real world …… Good tips may yih all stay safe and when you hit make sure you out your life and soul into it staysafe people …….. Chilli spray getting made now and self test tomorro 😉 I’ve been CS gases 3 times and its amazing how much snot the human nose had in it 😉 be safe everyone and lets hope we only need talk of this and no one need ever use it 😉

    • Grey Nomad says:

      Bullshit. They didn’t charge hum because he was drunk! As I said, bullshit

  13. Bike says:


    […]How to make pepper spray (and believe me, this one *works*) « I HATE HATE!!![…]…

  14. terry walsh says:

    im quite fast me,like a coiled spring! so what would you think about this?, right, fiery jack,an old rub on i believe.stinks but is hot hot hot now im surmizing we dont need a ration book to buy it but if its no more there will be similars…no need to mix it or funnel it into a sprayer, this gear is a lotion/gel type thing you would rub in to the sore area..put a small jar in your pocket with lid loose, and look! this chap nearing me is acting pre mugworthy, before he is too close slip the lid of jar,put 2 fingers into jar ensuring 2 good dollops and as its now 4 or 5 feet between you and the shifty fellow “pounce ,fingers take an eye apiece and you have the added assurance of , you know when you rub your eyes a little to hard and you see nothing but pixlated grey & white weirdosities kaleidoscopesque, well imagine adding fire too….if he is just the unlucky owner of a robbers face but not a robber just apologise over and over as you keep moving away… thing, its a million to one that he knows the move your gonna make and with a nano second to spare he has his hand between his eyes making a 5 fingered wide block as your 2 fingers one either side come to a halt and just short of his eyes, the rest is down to you.

    • Martin X says:

      Sounds like an idea. Fiery Jack is still available, I’ve seen it in my local pharmacy. Just a couple of points though: if you’re fast as a coiled spring, why not just run away from the assailant? And if your escape route is blocked, you couldjam your fingers into the assailant’s eyes without the Fiery Jack. Having your orbs jabbed is a definite distraction.

      Still, all working ideas are useful. Keep sending them in, all ye who prefer not to have your faces pounded into the floor by bad people!

      • tezm says:

        yeah,point taken..i was refering more to my ‘cat like’ reflexes running is not an option,i also wont let anyone stare me down and both have resulted in a slap or two, but mostly they avert eyes first.for all those who would rather run but are almost touching the nose of your ‘would-be attacker’ a good ploy to get that few seconds start is as he looks at you and maybe saying things,just turn your eyes left and back again, if he is slow you may have to repeat it, but he should turn to look himself thus giving you the seconds needed..if you are like shit off a shovel you could punch or slap his ear 1st..ok, point taken about fiery jack’ so here is a good deterent & not illegal to be found on you..’hair spray’ believe me, it stings, and im stood behind a lady as sprays her back to me, i turn and sodom and gotham o’reilly its in my face.only a little but enough to sting.imagine a direct hit on purpose, right in both eyes,he screams blue murder you kick his testacles..should the cops get involved you say ‘officer,i have flyaway,hair..i sprayed it and behind me heard a noise… may not have flyaway or any hair ,wasps,bees,flys may be in need of your mams,sisters,girlfriends hairspray as a deterent and out of nowhere is the would-be attacker..i know a few more..

    • The legend says:

      I’ve used tiger baslm before a kick boxing match this sublime deep hear but goes got in ur thighs and shins to help absorb pain however I never washed my hands wend for a ore match nervous wee and a few minutes before my fight my wedding tackle was in fire I win my fight and my trained said your kicks were like lightening this was no by choice but tiger bask burning my tally whacker made me kick fast do I could get out if their

      True story but maybe tiger bask made into a spray be good as chilli its very hot

  15. Peter Bexon says:

    thanks for the pepper spray recipe – I am 65 and disabled with a chronic debilitating illness. I think it is apalling that in this country the only people able to have weapons (and I hear it is easy to get them illegally if you ARE a criminal type) are the police and criminals/gang members. I live alone in quite an isolated spot just outside a village. I don’t really want to wait for an intruder to bludgeon me senseless (if that is about to happen, I think you’re supposed to call the police. When I called the police on one occasion because a n absent neighbour’s burglar alarm was going off, the police had to phone me from the nearby village to find out where I live! However, as it seems to be illegal to defend yourself against a human aggressor, I at least will make some of your concoction to use against the local triffids, and other aggressive wildlife that might break in and attack! ( I’m almost sure I spotted one of those starship trooper bugs in a nearby field!) Peter.

  16. tezm says:

    hello mr bexon, do you smoke? (spliffs) or drink? because it will slow your reflexes down if you still have them, personally i make sure nothing will slow me down i could have avoided, and i dont eat or drink anything after breakfast including have to be ready for the low-lifery wankers of this world..i know how to make a crossbow you can use one-handed but it still punches hard, or you can hang up some costume jewellry and thread some wire through that is ‘on’ by the way,..the greed will ensure any scum will grab it and at a nice setting could send them home shaking uncontrollably and probably jabbering..

  17. P C Millan says:


  18. Lindzey says:

    Cool! I needed a recipe for this! Can’t wait to see if it works as well as you said it would!

  19. Psiquica.Es says:

    WOW just what I was searching for. Came here by searching for sinus
    infection symptoms

  20. ton says:

    After being a football hooligan in the late 80’s early 90’s i can say with out any doubts that Olbas oil the one you inhale would be a good alternative believe me it works a treat they wont be able to see for at least ten minutes put that in a pump spray it burns like hell saved my skin a few times when out numbered and can be purchased at any chemist from shelf for as little as £1.99.

    For information purposes only

    • escapist29 says:

      Just plain olbas oil? Are you sure that’s an effective deterrent?

    • The legend says:

      True true this and the chilli recepi are both great however one if the best things to squirt it from is an old fashioned lemon juice actual lemon shape plastic lemon used for cooking this squirts both ok bad oil and the watered chilli formula a good 6 to 8 foot this is sure to get those nasty midgey insects from biting you bites not to be confused with squirting in eyes if some scumbag that attacks you


  21. Jack says:

    The pro stuff is good it can also kill someone by the way great recipes getting back to the killing if you have a alegic reaction you are as well as dead with the factory stuff.

  22. J.webb says:

    I would like to thank who ever came up with using the deep heat spray. Unfortunatly a little too late for me. As 2 weeks ago a couple of druggies got into my how and beat the hell out of me before smashing my house up and trying to rob me (in the middle of the day). The male assailent also hit me round my already broken ankle with my own cast, then smashed my laptop over my head. Fortunatly my neighbours were home and phoned the police, he got a punch for the trouble.They also threatened to firebomb my house with my kids in it if I spoke to the police. I’m disgusted to say the police only charged them with criminal damage and assault (what they did to me was far more than assault.) I’m a 34 year old single parent with a disability.
    The perpertrators got a 16 month suspended sentence and put on tag for 10 weeks and ordered to pay £600 for the damage (doesn’t even cover the cost of my television let alone the rest).
    I’m left in fear of mine and my childrens lives without any help from anyone. So to find I can’t use pepper spray if they decide to retaliate is absurd, I will not hesistate to defend myself in future with anything that comes to hand (pick axe and hammer) and now deep heat. Thankyou.

    • The legend says:

      In some cases I beleive a good old 12 gauge double barrel is the answer especialy wen scum breaking into your house with intent on hurting you …. Human rights and we all have a right to defend ourselves

    • Hit First - Ask later says:

      J sorry to here about this. I am annoyed and disgusted at the police and this Idiotic Country’s justice system.Beware of the dog stickers placed on your house should help and also cctv stickers. Hope they got smashed up. Stay safe buddy.

  23. Graham Cairney says:

    Buy Naga (also known as Ghost) chilli’s from the Dorset Chilli Company. Either make them into a powder like cayenne or soak them as you mentioned. These are the hottest chillies in the world and will affect the skin as well (so be REALLY careful when preparing them). It’d make the best ”pesticide” ever known lol.

  24. riotous says:

    iżyć się aż do pieczary. Albo riotous plus co nieużywanego gotowi doprowadzić.

    Przedzieranie się na skroś nadbrzeżne łozy z owczym zewłokiem wobec pachą stało się trudniejsze aniżeli przypuszczał.
    traf ści.

    • Martin X says:

      I have absolutely no idea what riotous’ comment means. I don’t even know what language it is! I am so ashamed to have my provincial shortcomings exposed here, for all the world to potentially point at and laugh.

      If someone (maybe riotous him/herself) could translate, I would be more grateful than are the dead when the Grateful Dead are playing! I’m going to work on this myself some more (if I can identify the language, maybe Google Translate will help…), but if anyone wants to help… I have virtual milk and cookies for all participants in Operation Decode riotous! May the Force be with you!

      • Martin X says:

        Well, I copy-pasted riotous’ comment into Google Translate without defining a language, and I got this back:

        iżyć the way to the cave. Or riotous plus what unused ready to lead.

        Delving into across to the coastal wicker with sheep zewłokiem to his arm has become more difficult than expected.
        COMPONENTS luck

        So, that doesn’t seem to have helped much (“coastal wicker”? “sheep”? WTF??!!) So now I think I need to do some language-specific work. Then again, who knows: maybe riotous is one of those crazy bots that leave nonsensical comments deliberately, in some surreal or dada-esque attempt to take over the world? All I know is: not very much at all.

  25. Martin X says:

    No, Google Translate insists the original comment is in Polish. And that coastal wicker sheep is the correct translation to English. That’s Google Translate’s final word on the matter, and who am I to dispute Google Translate?

    So, thanks for participating, riotous. I’m sure someone somewhere will derive much satisfaction from what you’ve had to say on the matter. But it beats me who “iżyć” is, and I dunno what’s happening at the cave.

  26. ron says:

    Oil permits spray to adhere to skin.
    I use a small pump bottle capable of being adjusted from mist to stream. I keep it on stream for max distance. This stuff keeps its potency for several months. Spray yourself in the face after six months and I’ll bet it takes you to your knees.

    • Martin X says:

      Thanks for the info, ron. I’m really pleased that people come here not just to see my recipe, but also to share their own knowledge of the subject. I learnt from your post (I won’t throw away old spray) and I know other people will find your comment useful.

  27. […] via How to make pepper spray (and believe me, this one *works*) | I HATE HATE!!!. […]

  28. Bebe says:

    If somebody wants to harm you, give them what they deserve,I don’t find adding some muriatic too in the ingredients is a problem, it should be ok..

  29. It’s hard to find knowledgeable people about this subject, but you sound
    like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

  30. Iskendersson says:

    With regards to pressurised containers, they can be refilled. Here is a basic guide.

    You will need:
    – An empty spray can eg. deodorant can, air freshener can. Preferably not one that previously contained anything too toxic like bug spray.
    – A pressurised can of butane lighter gas from a tobacco counter. This is similar to what manufacturers use to pressurise deodorant cans etc. You can look at the ingredients to confirm this. You CAN NOT use liquid lighter fuel.
    – A kettle to heat some water.
    – A freezer.
    – A pre-mixed liquid to refill the empty can with (eg. home-made deodorant, air freshener or natural bug spray)
    – The liquid needs to be in a container wide enough to place the empty can in upside down so that the tip can be submerged in the liquid.
    – You can find the amount of liquid you need by looking at the original capacity of your empty can. This will likely be displayed in grams and you will need to place a couple grams extra in the container to allow for wastage.

    1) Take an empty can (ie. deodorant can). Not one that prebiously contained anything too toxic like bug spray.
    2) Press the button until no more pressure can be released.
    3) Place in hot water for 5 minutes to increase pressure then repeat step 2.
    4) Romove the trigger button and set aside in a safe place.
    5) Place can in freezer for 5-10 mins to create a vacuum in the can.
    6) Remove can from freezer, turn upside down and submerge the tip in the pre-mixed liquid with which you want to fill the empty can.
    7) Take your butane lighter gas can and pressurise the refilled can through the tip.
    8) Replace the trigger button on your refilled can.
    9) Spray away!

    • Martin X says:

      Iskendersson: Thanks so much for sharing that gem of info, I shall try it out as soon as my deodorant spray runs out! It’s a pretty small can, so it’ll fit nicely in my pocket when I’m in the garden spraying the aphids or whatever! 😉

      Having to use a pump-bottle rather than an aerosol can has always been the thing that’s annoyed me about my original solution. Hopefully a pressurized can will have a *much* greater range, so I won’t have to worry about any of those mean aphids jumping on me when I’m tending my cauliflowers! Thanks again!

      • Iskendersson says:

        You’re welcome, Martin. Having tested my bug spray, you might not get much more range. But as you say, the aerosol can is much easier to carry and deploy during an emergency bug infestation.

        Please note (just to be thorough) that point 6 should have included: Press down on the can so that the tip is depressed, the valve released and the liquid is sucked into your can.

    • Martin X says:

      Interesting. I must try this.

      • Hit First - Ask later says:

        Hello Martin. A good deterrent is our trusted friend -“Vinegar”. Sprayed through a child’s water pistol or empty can this can hinder a scum bag who is intent on harming you. Also could throw in some chopped onions and peppers 🙂

      • Hit First - Ask later says:

        Also a good product for self protection is shampoo. Pure shampoo or even watered down stings like Hell 🙂

  31. Iskendersson says:

    The baby oil, which can be substitited for most any vegetable oil, is used as a carrier for the solution. It aids absorption into the eyes and skin.

    Vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol are used in many commercial moisturisers and other personal care products to aid absorption (probably in bug spray too) and either of these solutions would probably be more effective here than baby oil.

  32. Dick says:

    Refillable reusable spray cans are available. They are pressurized with a standard air hose. They would be ideal for this purpose. Here’s one on E-bay:

    • Martin X says:

      Nice info Dick. Unfortunately the cans in that particular add are not shipped to the UK, which is where I’m writing about (I don’t need to buy these cans if I live somewhere pepper spray or mace is legal. A quick search of UK ebay didn’t turn up any refillable aerosols, but I shall search widely on the web just in case. In the meantime, Iskendersson’s tip on reusing empty aerosols looks most interesting. Haven’t tried it yet, but I’ve just about run out of deodorant. Which means experiment soon! Watch this space.

      In the meantime, if anyone finds a refillable reusable pressurized aerosol can for sale in UK, please let us know!

      • Martin X says:

        I found an interesting video on Youtube, that shows how to make a refillable spray can that can be repressurized via tyre inflating pump –

        This reminds me of something else I found when searching ebay for refillable spray cans as mentioned by Dick: the cans tend to be the kind of size you’d expect a household or spray paint can to be; whereas if you wanted to put a pepper spray in a can, you’d probably want a smaller, more pocket-sized can.

        I haven’t gotten round to trying any of the can-refilling suggestions yet. When I do, you’ll all be the first to know, I promise! In the meantime, any other suggestions are more than welcome!

  33. Anonymous says:

    Great idea! Since I don’t want any trouble with the law, (American here, by the way), so I just mixed a bunch of things that hurt like **** if you were to get them in your eye, and all of them alone have NO regulation WHATSOEVER, because they are all common items, which might earn you brownie points with the cops. Pour these thoroughly in a small spray bottle, shake vigorously, and viola: instant faux pepper spray.

    Hot sauce (Made with vinegar, garlic sauce and ghost peppers)
    Pepper corn
    Hand Sanitizer (Mostly [70%+] Ethyl Alcohol)
    Hand soap
    Dish soap
    Lemon juice
    Lime juice
    Eyeglass cleaning fluid
    Air freshener
    Bug Spray
    Bubble juice

    There’s other stuff you could in here, this is just my personal list. Also, I haven’t tested this on anybody, or any animal, for ethical reasons, so USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

    Just an FYI: In the U.S. if a would be attacker produces a weapon that appears as if it is intended to maim, wound, kill or severely harm the victim, then ANY actions taken by the would be victim are theoretically exempt from legal prosecution. Now, as far as I know, tasers, mace, guns, etcetera, are legal in my neighborhood, but I also know that there are some locales in the U.S. that ban these, so carrying a bottle full of this most likely is O.K. I know of an actual lawyer recommended that we all carry bottles of cologne or perfume when we traveled into the city.

    • SOTV says:

      You Americans are lucky, if some cunt breaks into your house you can simply whip out your AK47 and blow the morons several new assholes. Here in the UK we’re not so lucky and as others have said, it appears the rozzers are on the side of the crooks.

      Amazingly, there have been several cases were crooks have broken into peoples homes in this country and, the home owner has actually been arrested for beating several sorts of shite out od the intruder! Sad, but true.

  34. putte says:

    I´ve been thinking of making a defensive spray that you can use either at the bad guy or at yourself. Now you are wondering. What good will that do using it on yourself. By putting in the container a very, very bad smelling substance, up to you to find out, but like skunk odour or similar. You can use it in a direct attack to the bad guy. Or! In a situation when you are not able to get in the range of the object, could be a rapist for exampel, you can spray yourself with the substance. You might vomit and feel really sick but I guess the attacker will change his mind rapidly in this situation. Leaving yourself in a quite mess but unharmed.

  35. Deb says:

    You could make your chillis into an extract (cover whole hot chilli’s with vodka/Everclear for a month and strain). This will give an extremely potent, clean liquid with no “bits”. Generally extracts have a shelf life of about 10 years for medicine.
    You could try mixing this with magnesium oil (normally dissolve equal volume of magnesium chloride flakes and water – but for this I would increase the Mg). MgCl doesn’t damage cells but is very painful in cuts or eyes and tastes disgusting. It also has an oil feel and doesn’t wipe off easily…or wash off easily with soap (it needs detergent).
    Mg oil has a long shelf life and is an emulsifier (mixes with water and also oils).
    When the alcohol percentage is over 20% it is a preservative but for this it would be better to have about 80% chilli extract 20%Mg oil.

    And if questioned by the local Bobby you could say its first aid for strained muscles or heart attack:) Yes you could use this for both.
    Both are antiseptic and antifungal.
    The only down side, is that it would have positive health benefits for a would be attacker once the pain subsides.

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