4chan’s “Anonymous” group and “Operation Payback” DDOS Mastercard, PayPal, Assange’s Swiss bank… screw ’em, I say!

Wikileaks used to accept donations through PayPal and Mastercard, and the Swiss bank Post Finance used to deal with Assange’s (and Wikileaks’) financial issues. Not any more though. Those “online payment” services have decided to drop Assange and Wikileaks, citing some vague, little-used “term of service”. Obviously, the US and its allies have growled at the finance companies, and the poor litle mites have shat their pants. Never mind though. Serves ’em right, yeah?

Anyway, supporters of Wikileaks and Julian Assange have struck back at these companies’ subservience to the USA. Distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks have knocked PayPal and Post Finance off the web a few times since the campaign really got going; and in the meantime (according to Wikileaks.ch) there are other ways to send money to Wikileaks. From wikileaks.ch:

There are four ways to donate:

1. Online Transfer via Credit Card
2. Bank Transfer [option 1: everyone]
3. Bank Transfer [option 2: tax deductible in Germany]
4. Postal Mail

1. Online Transfer via Credit Card

Using our friendly credit card processing partner Datacell Switzerland.

2. Bank Transfer – Option 1: via Sunshine Press Productions ehf:

Skulagötu 19, 101 Reykjavik, Iceland
Landsbanki Islands Account number 0111-26-611010
ACCOUNT/IBAN:IS97 0111 2661 1010 6110 1002 80
3. Bank Transfer – Option 2: via the not-for-profit Wau Holland Stiftung Foundation:

This support is tax deductible in Germany
Bank Account: 2772812-04
IBAN: DE46 5204 0021 0277 2812 04
Bank: Commerzbank Kassel
German BLZ: 52040021
Subject: WIKILEAKS / WHS Projekt 04

4. Via Postal Mail

You can post a donation via good old fashion postal mail to:

(or any suitable name likely to avoid interception in your country)
BOX 4080
Australia Post Office – University of Melbourne Branch
Victoria 3052

In the meantime, Operation Payback, 4chan.org’s group “Anonymous” and other groups and individuals are planning a whole load of actions that will hopefully lead to Assange’s release from the trumped-up molestation accusations, and will entrench Wikileak’s position enough to let the losers know we ain’t going nowhere! Computerworld.com noted that “”Operation Avenge Assange” … aimed at the Swiss bank PostFinance, which froze Assange’s assets, was very successful, and has kept the site down for some 24 hours as of this writing.”

DDOS can be a useful tool; but it is rather blunt. There are a number of other approaches that supporters of Wikileaks and Julian Assanger will use to help the situation. It’s a shame that the Swedish and US governments are so determined to destroy Julian Assange and his credibility. But look: even if Assange is discredited, the fact remains that the cables and other documents are being read for themselves and passed on. One man’s credibility is not so important when we think of the information he and his colleagues have been leaking.

If you have a blog, website, column in an online (or even offline) journal, or any other way to make yourself heard, please do so. The Wikileaks event may have far-reaching consequences that we just can’t envisage yet. Don’t let the public forget what Assange and his colleagues have enabled. Wikileaks will go on with its mission. And for the life of me, I can’t see any reason why the man in the street would oppose that mission. Do you want your government to tell you the truth; or would you prefer half-truths, total lies, invented statistics and outrageous claims to justify the removal of our human rights? I know where I stand regarding that… but I really am puzzled at how some other folk are so keen to be lied to. WTF is wrong with you people?

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7 Responses to 4chan’s “Anonymous” group and “Operation Payback” DDOS Mastercard, PayPal, Assange’s Swiss bank… screw ’em, I say!

  1. Christian Sciberras says:

    It isn’t about lies you idiot. It is about having governments protecting relations.
    America keeps licking N Korea’s ass just so that it doesn’t cripple the world with another financial disaster.

    Perhaps some kids ought to outgrow their naive ideals, especially when considering they’re not so naive in other areas, such as sex.

    • Martin X says:

      Actually, in many cases it is about “democratic” governments lying to their citizens in order to preserve “good” relationships with despots and tyrants around the world. Please try to remember: when Iraq was useful, for its oil and its opposition to Iran, Saddam Hussein was feted like a king and allowed to buy all sorts of horrible weapons. Then, when Saddam lost his usefulness and pissed off our other “strategic partners” in the region, he had to go, by any means necessary. That story, like hundreds more revealed in the leaked cables, is totally based on lies: and it’s *us*, our governments’ people, who are being lied to.

      If you like being lied to, “for your own good” or not, it’s *you* who’s the idiot. Now go away and surf some pr0n, you deluded child.

      • Christian Sciberras says:

        Martin X – I’m not being lied to, but not everyone deserves to know the truth.

        You sir, is one such person, since you can’t make anything out of a serious matter than “watching pr0n” (in your own words).

        Maybe its your custom there to great people as such, so I’ll try my best.

        Get a clue you overgrown sack of fat and stop asking for pr0n from minors.

      • Martin X says:

        WFT?? What makes you think I approve of child porn? Pedaphilia is ine of the most abhorrent hobbies, and they need some kind of treatment to wean themselves off the disgusting practice. Child abuse is one of the few crimes that deserve indeterminate sentencing (ie the prisoner is kept behind bars until he can convince a board of deviancy experts that he no longer wants the mess with kiddies/watch kiddie porn/whatever. Please never associate me with pedophiles again!

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  4. google news says:

    article submissions…

    4chan’s “Anonymous” group and “Operation Payback” DDOS Mastercard, PayPal, Assange’s Swiss bank… screw ‘em, I say! « I HATE HATE!!!…

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