UK police now wearing body armour routinely?

Maybe I’m just terribly out of touch on this matter, and it’s generally known already – but it seems that cops in the UK are now wearing body armour as a matter of routine.

I got this from a Press Association report reproduced on the Guardian website. On Monday 27 December, in Kirkheaton, near Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, a 29 year old guy who has not been named yet, made threats to a neighbour. The neighbour called the police, and 2 officers attended. No firearms were seen yet, so the cops were unarmed (UK police generally don’t go round carrying guns). The unnamed alleged bad man saw the cops, produced a pistol and opened fire on them; one was hit in the lower back, which could have caused very serious injuries or even death if the cop was unprotected. Luckily for him, he was wearing body armour; so according to West Yorkshire Chief Constable Sir Norman Bettison, the officer suffered just “torso and abrasions which were caused by the ricochet of the armour.”

Sir Norman went on: “If he hadn’t been wearing body armour, it would have undoubtedly caused serious injury in an area where there are a great number of vital organs.”

The alleged shooter apparently had a history of violence, so maybe that is why the cop was wearing body armour. But I’m not so sure about that. I have a feeling that police officers, at least in West Yorkshire, are now wearing body armour as a matter of course. The recent huge increase in knife and gun crime certainly makes my theory more believable.

So what can we glean from this tidbit of info? Well, if you are the type of person who shoots coppers, don’t go for the usual body mass area. Shots to the head, or maybe the legs and feet, are now necessary.

The same thing applies to evil criminal knife users: a stab to the chest ot stomach will probably be blocked by armour. Stick your blade in the officer’s neck instead: if you stick someone in the side of the neck then rip the blade back out, there’s a good chance you’ll sever major blood vessels and death will ensue rapidly. Alternatively, the face (especially the eyes) makes a good target. I don’t know about the groin: a blade in the bollocks is no laughing matter, but body armour may protect the testicles too. I’d need to know more about the make and model of body armour used by West Yorkshire cops – can anyone help here?

Please note: I am not suggesting that anyone should harm police officers. Cops are there to protect society (ie you and me) from evil crims and predators. They are, on the whole, the good guys and, on the whole, deserve our respect. Everything I wrote above is for general informational purposes only. I repeat: DO NOT SHOOT, STAB, OR IN ANY OTHER WAY HARM POLICE OFFICERS. IT IS WRONG.

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3 Responses to UK police now wearing body armour routinely?

  1. thatvampire says:

    police have routi.ely wearing army for few years but often ask if ok to remove when deaking with public in their homes thus potentialy endangering themselves :! seems like waste of money if they dont keep it on !

    • Martin X says:

      I’m not going to suggest that shooting police officers is wrong. But it’s certainly pretty stupid shooting coppers in your home.

      If you really need to shoot a police officer, set up a sniper’s nest in an empty building, invest in a good rifle, then when the cop drives by, shoot him in the head. If nothing else, it will keep the police alert. And that’s what we need, a police force whose every officer thinks his brains are going to end up in his lap.

  2. ruou vang says:

    ruou vang…

    […]UK police now wearing body armour routinely? « I HATE HATE!!![…]…

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