Don’t let the UK government sell our forests

Today I got an email from the activist group 38 Degrees. The email asked me to sign their petition against the UK governments to sell our national forests to the highest bidder.

Our forests are priceless treasures; they are habitat for countless flora and fauna, and they are beautiful locations to visit and to work in. And they are national forests – they belong to us, not the government.

Nevertheless, the government plan to sell the forests. One of the country’s most valuable assets stands to be auctioned off to private companies. And of course, these companies will expect to make money from the deal, which means that the forests will become just a source of lumber. The majestic trees will become pine floorboards and oak furniture. And when the trees are all chopped down, the forests’ owners will sell the land for residential and industrial development.

I don’t know if petitions really have any effect on government policy. But when I’m asked to sign a petition about an issue that I consider really important, I’ll sign. And I want you to sign too: go to and sign the online petition. If enough of us sign it, maybe the government will have to halt the sell-off. Maybe. But it’s worth the few minutes to sign. Please sign it.

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