No-fly zone over Libya? Who the hell do these people think they are?

With the rebels in Libya taking a good battering, there are calls for the “international community” (ie. the USA and its UK lapdogs) to impose a no-fly zone over Libya, to prevent Gadaffi using his air force to bomb his citizens into submission. The Guardian has an interesting article laying out the arguments for and against taking such action.

I’m not going to reproduce the whole argument here – go check out the Guardian article, it’s a good read. No, I’m going to tell you what I think (this is my blog after all): and I say NO NO-FLY ZONE!

I know some readers will think this is an inhumane stance. The poor little rebels are taking a right pasting, we should help them out, right? Wrong! This is entirely a Libyan issue, and the rest of the world has no business poking its nose in. The rebels chose to take up arms against Gadaffi, conned by recent action in other countries in the region into thinking a revolution would prevail. That was their choice, and they chose wrong. Hell, these people have been living under Gadaffi’s rule for 40 years; they should know the crazy bastard wouldn’t go quietly, just like they should know he has substantial armed forces (armed in large part by the UK and France, 2 of the countries now agitating for “international action) and is perfectly willing to use them.

Anyway, what would a no-fly zone achieve? Gadaffi hasn’t been using his planes that much – it’s his tanks and other ground forces doing most of the damage. On the other hand, US/UK jets would have to take out Libya’s anti-aircraft weaponry, which would involve the possibility of killing Libyan civilians – and that would do Gadaffi’s image a big favour. And what if Libyan fire took out a US/UK plane? I hate to think what that could lead to… remember Iraq anyone?

My point of view is not unusual – the Guardian lists the opponents to the no-fly zone as:

Germany; Turkey; Robert Gates (the US defence secretary who would have to put a no-fly zone into practice); Catherine Ashton (the EU foreign policy chief who told Cameron to “hold your horses”); Russia; China; South Africa; Brazil

That is quite a substantial list, including permanent members of the UN Security Council. We really need to take heed of this. Gadaffi is a nasty piece of work; but there are plenty of other nasty pieces of work ruling countries who are actively supported by the “international community”. I hate it when we say “This evil dictator here needs to be stopped, but that evil dictator over there is a cool guy”. We need to be a little more consistent. And we need to sort out problems a little closer to home (such as our own evil rulers) before we launch yet another imperialist adventure. FFS.

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3 Responses to No-fly zone over Libya? Who the hell do these people think they are?

  1. Me says:

    Not sure what to do about Libya. A crazy dictator rules over a crazy population.

    I just wanted to let you know I posted in the ubuntu forums about using VPN on dial-up.


  2. nsama says:

    in the first place iwould like to ask you what wrong gadafi has done.after all his nation is beter than most poor african countries.the rables are just power hungry and i would chalenge them to point out any mess transpirin in libya caused by the leader,so wat the west is interested in is the oil and nothing else.if its helping out the citizens of libya by imposing a no fly zone why then did they fail to take up a legal action against short an imposition of a no fly zone against lybya wiil just raise un called for attention.

  3. thatvampire says:

    Hmmmmmm surely its better to b told u fly over our country u will get shot at ! Rather than flying happily flying along and then BOOM ! Ur heading for a sand dune, flames pouring from ur fuselage !!! Fore warned is fore armed !

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