Child molestors really piss me off…

Just recently this blog has been getting Comments that consist of some inane crap and a link to sites that apparently contain child pornography – I say “apparently” because that’s what the sites’ titles say (eg “underage girls pix” and “lolitas”) – I haven’t actually visited any of these sites, and I urge everyone reading this blog to also stay  away from these pervert links.  I’ve been marking these Comments as spam as quick as I  can, but this still means the links are in my Comments for several hours or even days sometimes.

These Comments are getting past WordPress’s usually efficient spam detectors.  I think this is because the Comments are not being sent out en masse by spambots – I suspect that people are sitting at their computers, visiting as many blogs as they possibly can, and leaving the offending Comments.


So: please don’t give these beasts any oxygen by clicking on their links (you can often see it’s dodgy by hovering your mouse pointer over the link and reading its title); paedophiles, please piss off and peddle your filth elsewhere; and does anyone know of a method to delete the crap automagically?  I’m getting really sick of this.

One Response to Child molestors really piss me off…

  1. danindenver says:

    I avoid any of these sites like the plague and certainly don’t condone what they are about, but…….

    aren’t you “hating” them?

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