Should NATO stay in Libya until 2012?

Wednesday 26 October, 2011

Now that Libya has been “liberated” from Gadaffi’s regime, the interim government is asking NATO to stay until 2012 to “stop Gaddafi loyalists fleeing” the country. What do I say to this? I say “bollocks”!

NATO’s involvement was highly controversial to begin with. Initially it was just to stop pro-Gadaffi forces from killing civilians. It went on to act as unofficial air force for the rebels, destroying Gadaffi forces who weren’t actually threatening anyone. And now the new regime want us to help stop Gadaffi’s friends escaping. But that job is not a NATO concern – if the interim government want to capture these characters, they should get off their butts and do it themselves. What next – will the ex-rebels want NATO masseuses to help relieve their stress at the end of a a hard day?

And who are the interim government anyway? It looks to me like any Libyan who didn’t like Gadaffi is automatically a “good guy”. Experience in Iraq and Afghanistan should have taught NATO the stupidity of this philosophy.

NATO should never have got involved in the first place. And the idea of NATO boots on the ground is outrageous. Let the Libyans sort out their own problems. We’ve all got enough of our own problems to deal with.

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2 Responses to Should NATO stay in Libya until 2012?

  1. Did Libya want Nato there in the first place ?? I am pretty sure Libya didn’t send Nato an invite saying we are having a bit of a “do” feel free to come followed with a rap but I could be wrong !th

  2. Typo should of been rsvp

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