Is your smartphone spying on you? For millions of you, the answer is “Yes”!

Here’s something interesting and disturbing I found on Bruce Schneier’s blog, Schneier on Security: Android app developer Andrew Eckhart has discovered spyware on Android phones that records keystrokes, SMS messages, phone numbers dialled, and sends all this info home! Amd this spyware is a rootkit – it runs in the background, recording info and sending it home, without your knowledge!

Check out the video on the Register page – it will make you look at your phone in a new light. Eckhart’s demonstration uses a HTC phone, but he says he is not singling out HTC as the villain – plenty of other manufacturers sell phones with the “Carrier IQ” rootkit preinstalled – and it seems you can’t even remove it from your device! Smartphones are rapidly becoming ubiquitous – so if Carrier IQ (the Silicon Valley company responsible for the rootkit) are not outed now, everything about us will be collected, stored, then sent home for whatever nefarious purpose Carrier IQ wants. So, is your smartphone a handy device or an Orwellian personal spy?

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