OMG! Now the UK government want to privatise the police!!

Is it just me, or has the entire world gone crazy?  (Yeah yeah, I know the world has always been crazy, but just lately it seems to have gone super=crrrazy.)

Everyone born pre-1981 knows the Conversatives have exhibited pro-privatisation personality disorders for a looong time.  They shut up about it a little while in Opposition, but now they’re back, loonier than ever.  The Guardian has revealed that the Cons (and their poodle Coalition “partners” the Lib Dems, may their duplicitous souls rot in Hell for eternity) are planning to privatise the frakking police!!!

The Home Office says it’s necessary to make the police more efficient to meet expenses cutback goals.  But if that’s true, why are they refusing to release the business plan, even in the face of FOI requests?  This kind of secrecy tells me that the government have something to hide.  Which of course is impossible, following Cameron and Clegg statements about “open government”.

What really concerns me is the powers these private cops will have.  A 26 page “commercial in confidence” (whatever that means) says these private pigs’ powers will not include those that “involve the power of arrest and the other duties of a sworn constable.”  But the “breath-taking” list of powers include:

investigating crimes, detaining suspects, developing cases, responding to and investigating incidents, supporting victims and witnesses, managing high-risk individuals, patrolling neighbourhoods, managing intelligence, managing engagement with the public, as well as more traditional back-office functions, such as managing forensics, providing legal services, managing the vehicle fleet, finance and human resources

That list (which doesn’t include the power of arrest but does include “detaining suspects”???) is worrying enough.  But on top of all that, the privatisation means that the police will be less accountable to the public, and people will no longer be able to go to the Independent Police Complaints Commission if they have a problem.  So what you gonna do if the rent-a-cops give you an undeserved kicking?  The IPCC and the police won’t care: “Sorry mate, not my department.” What kind of chilling effect might this have on legitimate protest? The power “to detain suspects” sounds rather like the power to carry out kettling operations. Ho many more Ian Tomlinsons will die, and how will we hold the murderous rent-a-cops to account?

But don’t worry too much.  My magic 8-ball tells me the privatisation of the police will be the least of our worries, when more of Cameron’s dark desires are revealed.  Tell me, Clegg – what does it taste like, when your tongue is stuck up the PM’s butt?

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2 Responses to OMG! Now the UK government want to privatise the police!!

  1. tommyoto says:

    Privatised military has worked so well in Iraq and not lead to any problems at all though… Oh wait…

  2. I certainly would prefer an open, regimented, and public system of choosing people who would be wielding the authority of law.

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