UK citizen to be extradited to USA for “copyright infringement”.

Full story here

I’m really angry about the lopsided extradition agreement with the USA.  A UK citizen allegedly commits a crime, in the UK, and the USA can have the person gift-wrapped and delivered to America, where Richard O’Dwyer could be sent down for ten years; but it doesn’t work the other way: no way would the US extradite a US citizen to the UK when that suspect has not allegedly committed a crime on UK soil.

I think that the extradition treaty should be scrapped.  Screw our “special relationship” with the USA.  What has the US done for us lately?  Oh yes, they’ve made British troops in Afghanistan even more a target by allowing a drunk, mentally-unstable soldier to leave his base after curfew and murder several women and children.  Thanks, USA.  And I almost believed that the USA would improve with Obama supposedly at the helm…

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