UK: Don’t let the utilities companies rip us off any more!

News of another 38Degrees campaign, this time to make sure the gas and electric companies don’t rip us off any more. The email sent to me by 38Degrees put it very well, so instead of paraphrasing I’ll reproduce the whole email here:

It’s incredible! In just a couple of weeks, over 200,000 of us have signed up to the Big Switch – a people-powered effort to stop gas and electricity companies from ripping us off. But if we’re going to take on these big energy bullies and win, we need to be bigger… much bigger.

The Big Switch is making history. [1] It’s a simple idea – using the internet, we bring together gas and electricity customers across the country in a pledge to switch their supplier. Then we work with consumer experts at Which? to negotiate cheaper rates on our behalf. Once we’ve driven the hardest bargain possible, we switch to the supplier offering the best deal.

At the beginning of April the Which? negotiators will be rolling up their sleeves to start negotiating the cheapest prices. That means there are just 72 hours left to sign up to get involved. Don’t miss out, click here to sign up:

A quick reminder of how this works:
1. Sign up – join other 38 Degrees members to get a fair deal on gas and electricity
2. Share it with your friends – the more of us who get involved, the stronger our bargaining position
3. Bargain – we work with Which? experts to negotiate with gas and electricity companies
4. Switch – If you like the deal we negotiate, switch easily online [2]

Sign up now, you can always pull out later if you like. [3] Then forward this email to any friends and family who also want cheaper bills:

Thanks for being involved,

Becky, James, David, Cian, Hannah, Marie and the 38 Degrees team

PS: After more than a year of controversy and debate, the government has got its NHS plans through parliament. Now, we need to decide together what we do next. Shall we carry on our work to protect the NHS? There’s still time to vote YES or NO for continuing to campaign to protect the NHS. Click here:

Please, can everyone take the 2 minutes or so to get this thing going properly?  Also, I would urge you to join 38Degrees movement, as I have, to make it easier and more effective to let your parliamentary representatives know what you want them to do.  It’s all very easy to set up – check the links on the 38Degrees website.


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