UK police privatisation in 5 years… and we don’t care???

According to David Taylor-Smith, the UK head of G4S, the world’s largest security company, within 5 years most of Britain’s police forces will be privatized.  And what’s more, he thinks no one will be bothered by this!  Taylor-Smith  said he expected police forces across the country to sign up to similar deals to those on the table in the West Midlands and Surrey.

Taylor-Smith, whose company is in the running for the £1.5bn contract with West Midlands and Surrey police,and is also providing security to the London Olympics, said he expected forces across the country to have taken similar steps within five years . “For most members of the public what they will see is the same or better policing and they really don’t care who is running the fleet, the payroll or the firearms licensing – they don’t really care,” he said.

Well hold it right there, Taylor-Smith!  And come on people – don’t any of you remember Robocop?  At the moment we have police services who do the job because they believe in it.  But private corps like G4S are in the business because they want to make money out of it.  Their primary motivation is profit.  Which means less properly-trained officers and more Mickey-Mouse “Community Support Officers” who have next to no police powers at all – it means less patrols, less police visibility, more “policing” by telephone.  And the profit motivation means officers will be paid less, which in turn means decent officers will have less motivation to sign up.  Do we really want to be “protected and served” by the kind of security bozos who currently spend their days chasing kids around shopping malls?

The fact that G4S are in the running for all this privatised-police work, and also have the Olympics security gig, says to me that they probably paid to have “face time” with government ministers and other such officials.   You know, the “cash for access” deals that bit David Cameron in the ass not long ago?  You wanna be policed by these corrupt shady corporations?  Cos I tell you what – I don’t!

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2 Responses to UK police privatisation in 5 years… and we don’t care???

  1. Mr Black says:

    Announced today, G4S have ‘over bid’ their ability to staff the Olympics, and the Army are being mobilised anyway.

    Oh, quelle fucking surprise.

  2. […] security – which they’re messing up already, before the Games even start; they are possibly in the running to take over privatized police services in the West Midlands (though luckily the Olympic security fiasco has changed some minds over this); […]

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