Don’t let ’em feed Richard O’Dwyer to the USA’s injustice system!!!

Jimmy Wales (he of Wikipedia fame) blogged on the Guardian’s Comment is Free section today (25 June) to ask us all to sign an online petition against sending Richard O’Dwyer to America and what it laughing calls its “justice” system.  Has he broken the law?  It appears not.  He ran a site ( which told viewers where they could stream/download movies and TV shows and such for free.  If any copyright owners complained about an infringement and sent him a proper take-down notice, he would remove the offending link.  He wasn’t hosting any video files on his site – all he did was share links, as do many many other sites on the web.

But the Hollywood content owners, and their finds in the US justice department have decided to “make an example” of Richard – they want to extradite him from the UK (where he was born, lives and goes to University) so they can get him into an American court room where a compliant judge may send him to prison for 40 years!

If you think that’s fair, then that’s cool – go drown yourself in an unflushed toilet.  No, that’s not the correct thing to say.  Go read Jimmy’s post then, if you agree with me and Jimbo, go sign the online petition.  These things do sometimes work, you know.  No, really, they do.  Sometimes…

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