Tomlinson killer “held his head in his hands” when he saw himself on video.

Simon Harwood, the copper who killed innocent non-rioter Ian Tomlinson in London on the day of the G20 protests in 2009, “held his head in his hands” when showed video footage of his unprovoked attack, and said to his boss “I think it’s me.”

So why was Harwood so distraught?  Was it because he only then realised that he was the police officer who attacked Tomlinson, from behind, completely unprovoked?  Or was it because he knew the game was over – here was undeniable proof that he was the killer – and now he was likely to have to face the music?  I bet cops everywhere hate the fact that advanced video technology has become so affordable – whenever a cop crosses the line, he can’t be sure that someone’s shooting it for posterity.

Isn’t it odd that Harwood wrote in his notebook that during the demo he had used his baton sparingly and only to defend himself and to prevent rioting… yet here is video footage showing him strike Ian Tomlinson in the back of the legs then shove him forcibly to the ground when Tomlinson was walking away from him?  Inspector Williams was asked at length by Mark Dennis QC, prosecuting, whether it was proper police procedure to strike or shove a protester who might be walking away from police lines. All Williams could come up with was that it depended on the situation. “It’s very hard to answer a hypothetical situation,” he said.

Come on, Williams… tell us how it can ever be right to attack an innocent man from behind when that man is clearly cooperating with the police and walking away from their lines.  If  Harwood gets found not guilty for this, I predict another wave of rioting – specifically anti-police rioting.

Simon Harwood, the cop who attacked Ian Tomlinson shortly before his death

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