G4S couldn’t provide decent security for a children’s party, never mind the London Olympics

It looks like G4S, the private security firm entrusted with the security of the London Olympics, is making a right pig’s ear of the job. In the Guardian, we are told how rushed, unprepared, and potentially insecure G4S’s recruitment is proving to be. Robert Brown, a former police sergeant who retired after 30 years service with Kent police and who has has grade one private security qualifications and has worked for the Home Office, advising on covert operations, after he left the police, described how G4S got back to him in February, even though he’d applied back in November; then he went through a farcical training programme. He told the Guardian:

“The instructors had been given a script that they had to stick to, and if you asked a question, they would not be able to give you an answer. The training was very basic and minimal. Having undergone their training I realised that they only wanted cheap labour

“They were trying to process hundreds of people and we had to fill out endless forms. It was totally chaotic and it was obvious to me that this was being done too quickly and too late,” Brown said.””My great worry was this was being done before the vetting process had been completed.”

If vetting is as chaotic as the so-called “training”, there is the possibility that some kind of terrorist attack might be made during proceedings. But G4S care? I don’t know.

But I do know that Surrey Police care about G4S’s seeming incompetence. Some time ago I wrote a post about the possibility of police services being privatised, with G4S one of the main contenders. Well, I’m pleased to inform you that the Surrey Police have scrapped the idea

Surrey police authority decided on Thursday to suspend its involvement in the £1.5bn joint “business partnership programme” with the West Midlands police after a discussion in which the failure of G4S to deliver on Olympics security was cited as a factor [my emphasis]

So at least something good has come about this fiasco. Let’s just hope G4S’s inept and chaotic operation doesn’t result in something tragic happening.

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