Official: It’s okay to call people “black cunts”.

Interesting verdict in the John Terry/Anton Ferdinand “racial abuse case”. Apparently it’s okay to call a black person a “fucking black cunt” if you don’t mean it to be racially abusive.

So, I assume, if you call a police officer a “fucking black cunt” whilst smiling jovially, or call London-based chief magistrate chief magistrate Howard Riddle a “paedophile rapist” in a “non-offensive” manner, you’re okay legally. That’s certainly what I got from Riddle’s judgement: you can call people all sorts of offensive, racist, goddess-only-knows names it there’s no undeniable evidence that the name “wasn’t used offensively”(?????)

Final words from me on this verdict (hopefully): if you wanna call someone something really nasty, make sure you’re smiling, FFS.

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