Another 1200 soldiers deployed to fill G4S Olympics security shortfall

Well whaddayaknow… G4S, the private security company allegedly providing security for the upcoming London Olympics, still haven’t got enough properly trained staff in place, despite the fact they’ve had seven years to sort it out. So now 1200 personell mostly from the Royal Marines, and 16 Air Assault Brigade have been drafted in to make up for g4S’s appalling failures. I don’t know if their failure is going to hit G4S in the pocket; but it should.

I really don’t understand why G4S is one of the government’s favoured private sector security companies. But I can tell you this: if G4S win any of the upcoming contracts to provide privatised police or prison services after this cock-up, it will be plain to see that the ConDem “government” is rotten to the core. If G4S win contracts despite their all-too-obvious ineptitude, we’re gonna be looking to see who stands to benefit from such a ridiculous decision. Corruption in government is nothing new – but we’re talking about crucial security services at a time of terrorist alert. I don’t want my safety in the hands of the G4S cowboys… do you?

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