There’s one born every minute…

According to, the phrase “There’s a sucker born every minute” is often said to have been coined by PT Barnum, the famous circus side-show organiser, though there’s no evidence he came up with the saying.  But it’s certainly true that  there are suckers everywhere, the internet included.

When you download files from hosting sites like or (and many, many others… I’m certainly not singling those sites out in particular), if you’re doing a free download, you will often be confronted with intrusive advertising.  A lot of it is for straightforward poker/casino sites, and even though I personally think that internet gambling is a silly way to get rid of money, at least those ads are straight to the point and honest.

But there are other kinds of ads – the “get rich quick” sites, such as this one.  That ad annoys me particularly – it is prevalent on some hosting sites, which means it keeps appearing again and again, and when you try to close the tab or navigate elsewhere, it throws up dialogue boxes asking “Are you sure you want to leave?” and “If you follow this tip you will make $600 per week” or some such nonsense.  But what really annoys me is the fact that the ad must be effective, otherwise the people behind the ad (clearly the same people who run the gambling site in question – but if you do a whois search on the domain name you find its owners are hiding behind a privacy company) wouldn’t waste their money on it.  And it’s so stupid: the ad claims that if you join a certain gambling site, and put a certain amount of money into your account, you can use a certain pattern of betting to exploit a fault in the site’s software and win heaps of cash.  A foolproof method apparently.  Unless you are the fool.

Think about it: if the gambling site had this flaw in its software, and there were web pages popping up all over the place to exploit the flaw, wouldn’t the site owners fix the problem, asap?  But the ad claims that its method has been working for years.  Does that make any sense at all?

This post is just a futile rant, I guess: there are idiots who respond to spam email, buy “herbal viagra”, give money to Nigerian confidence tricksters… as the man said: “There’s one born every minute.”  Suckers.

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