Battlestar Galactica is fracking brilliant!

I’ve been watching Battlestar Galactica on Project Free TV – not the ancient 1980s series, but the 21st century version (started in 2004 I believe). I’m currently watching the 4th, final season. I’m about to watch the 17th episode of Season 4. Very close to the end. I’m quite sad that I’m nearly finished watching it, but at the same time I’m pleased that the producers or whoever decided to pull the plug. Almost every TV series has a natural lifespan, and it can be so dreadful to watch a zombie-like parody of a show dragging itself on and on and on. The Wire bordered on zombification, but was stopped after Season 5, luckily. And someone did try to pull a similar stunt with Battlestar Galactica by producing the Capricaspin-off. But that failed to get far, thank the gods!

Having said all that, there are some shows which can “live forever”. In the UK, soaps like Coronation Street, Eastenders,and Hollyoaks keep on keeping on thanks to a frequent turnover of characters and stories. And then there are cartoons – I don’t think The Simpsons or Family Guy will be axed any time soon (yeah, I know Family Guy has been dropped a couple of times now, but its fan-base is wide and vocal enough to ensure resurrection). Of course, not all cartoons survive a long time, regardless of quality. Is South Park still going? All I see of that in the UK is repeats repeats (yawn) repeats. And Futurama was kicked into the long grass despite its brilliance. Then there’s Beavis & Butthead! Have you ever seen Beavis & Butthead? Bloody brilliant! Hurr Hurr Heh Heh!

Anyway, Battlestar Galactica is fracking great! If you’ve never watch it, go to Project Free TV and check it out! Tell ’em I sent you!!! 😉

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3 Responses to Battlestar Galactica is fracking brilliant!

  1. Jay Dee says:

    I’m currently watching the ancient Battlestar Galactica on Hulu. Very corny, I’d say. I will be watching the remake in the next months, however. I’m looking forward to it very much. Although I find it strange that Starbuck is a woman now. I’m so used to the guy who plays Peck on A-Team.

  2. Peter A. says:

    No, you could not be more wrong. Galactica In Name Only is the most vile remake (and I use that term loosely) of a classic television show that has ever been produced.
    It stinks for the following reasons:

    1. It has absolutely nothing in common with the original ‘Battlestar Galactica’, so why didn’t they (i.e. Ron Moore and the other talentless hacks responsible for this disaster) just call it something else? ‘Grunts in Space’ perhaps. Or maybe ‘Post-9/11 Social Commentary Designed to Bore You to Tears’, instead of giving it this misleading title.

    2. Apollo and Starbuck are WOMEN?! While we are at it, why not make Athena and Cassiopeia into men? Colonel Tigh is a hopeless drunk, Boomer is (again) a woman, Commander Cain a violent sociopath – are there any GOOD characters here? You know, ones that real people (i.e. not violent psychopaths, drunks or losers generally) can relate to.

    3. It isn’t science fiction. Everything about this show shouts ‘late 20th century America’! The costumes, sets, effects, acting – they’re all bad, amateurish and, as one can easily see, cheap and nasty. Why does the ‘president’ travel on Air Force One? Why do they dress like actors from the show ‘Mad Men’? Where is the originality?

    4. The tedium, the boredom. Where are the epic battles in space? Where are the robots, aliens and other elements that reveal that what you are watching is actually worth watching (as opposed to, say, just another soap opera)? I DON’T CARE about ‘complex social issues’!!!!!! I want SCIENCE FICTION! This is not it.

    Okay, look, I could go on forever here, but I am just so sick to death of hearing from people how ‘wonderful’ this awful nonsense is. It is not. It is depressing, violent, vile, and the characters have NO redeeming features whatsoever. Why would I, or anyone else for that matter, want to watch a show that just reminds us of our own world and the sorry state that it is in? Science fiction is supposed to be pure escapism, it should not focus upon what makes our own world such a horrible place to be, and yet that is what this show concentrates upon.

  3. Phyllis says:

    Thanks for finally talking about >Battlestar Galactica
    is fracking brilliant! | I HATE HATE!!! <Liked it!

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