PCC Elections – Spoil Your Ballot!!!

If you live in England or Wales, you might be interested in a jolly good wheeze dreamt up by some pinheaded sod in Westminster:

On 15 November 2012, in the first ever elections, 41 new police and crime commissioners will be elected across England and Wales to give you a say when it comes to cutting crime in your area [link]

Remember, I said you might be interested. But probably not. I mean, it hasn’t been big prime-time news, has it?

So, some fool has come up with this daft idea of elected “police and crime commissioners”. No one cares. So forget it. Move on. Right?

Wrong. This PCC idea is dangerous stuff. It’s going to make policing policy even more of a political issue, commissioners with party political affiliations are going to control even more of what the police do. And it’s being imposed on us, despite what the government say about “elections”.

We need the government know how horrific an idea this is. And one good way to put the point across is to wait til 15 November then spoil your ballot. Exactly how you do it is up to you; I personally will scribble out all the candidates’ names, write “NONE OF THE ABOVE” in big letters, before I drop it disparagingly into the ballot box. And then I’ll go home, hoping that everyone else has done the same.

Some people think spoiling ballots wastes votes. Some people think it legitimises the whole thing, refusing to vote at all is best.

I disagree. When spoilt ballots are collected, they are shown to candidates to agree the ballot is actually spoilt. Which means the candidates will get to see whatever you wrote on the paper. Also, spoilt ballots are counted and announced as (surprise surprise) “spoilt ballots”. So it will be clear what kind of proportion of the voters disagree with this entire farce.

Here are some links, to give you more food for thought: [link] [link] (yeah I know some of you will think “agh more Guardian shite”, but read it anyway. Especially the comments. Then you’ll start to see how many people, of all political types, see ballot-spoiling as the way to go. Spoil Your Ballot!!!

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