Nonces, nonces everywhere – How many more ’70s TV stars will be nick-nicked for sex crimes?

Jim Davidson - nonce?
Jim Davidson – ’70s has-been arrested for sex crimes

Today, the racist comedian and ex-gameshow host Jim Davidson was arrested on suspicion of sex offences, as part as Operation Yewtree, the Metropolitan Police investigation into sex crimes stemming from allegations made against the dead 1970s TV entertainer Jimmy Savile and others.

The police also arrested a 53-year old man in Hampshire, which takes the total number of people arrested under Operation Yewtree to nine. Apparently these two arrests fall into what the investigators are calling the “other” category, which means they think Davidson and the un-named man did not commit offences with Jimmy Savile – these alleged perverts were sating their foul appetites without a Savile connection… which means popular entertainers were possibly committing foul acts even when they weren’t with the Jim’ll Fix It presenter.

Jim Davidson was a popular celebrity during the 1970s, with his racist jokes – often about “Chalky White”, a fictitious Jamaican idiot caricature. His TV acts were “toned down” (though still vile with their contempt and hatred for black people); but he was also busy on the live stand-up comedy where his acts were the kind of entertainment you might expect to find at a BNP club. One of his repeated jokes concerned coppers going around saying “nick-nick”… and now he’s been nick-nicked himself! Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy!!

Other ’70s figures arrested under Operation Yewtree include former pop star and famous child molestor Gary Glitter, comedian Freddie Starr, and “kiss-and-tell” publicist Max Clifford. I bet Clifford isn’t doing much “telling” about the “kissing” and whatever allegations have been against him! Looks like Clifford needs to find himself a good publicist!

Each new arrest makes it even more apparent how horrific it was behind the scenes at British television studios, celebrities with some kind of sense of entitlement, attacking vulnerable people while everyone around them covered it up. And let’s not forget the accusations made about Jimmy Savile: 450 people have made allegations against him, including 31 rapes – many of which apparently happened in hospitals where supposedly responsible health care professionals turned a blind eye, not wanting to kill the golden goose who brought in so much money from charity. Saint in public, sick abuser after dark: that’s the picture we’re getting of Sir Jimmy Savile, knighted for all the hard work he did destroying children’s lives.

When all the truth comes out – and it had better all come out, there’s no mood in the country for another feeble police whitewash – we will hopefully see not only how many entertainers were raping and abusing their fans, but also the officials at the BBC and the hospitals who knew what was going on but chose to let it happen. We cannot let the “establishment” get away with this. Even if some of those culpable are old and frail, we need to see them sentenced to long terms of imprisonment, just like aged Charlie Kray who was sent to jail even though he was very old and even though he was a victim of police entrapment. Sex offenses are amongst the most horrible of crimes – all involved need to be dealt with harshly.

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One Response to Nonces, nonces everywhere – How many more ’70s TV stars will be nick-nicked for sex crimes?

  1. marshland says:

    Woohhoo, if ever I wanted anyone to be arrested for sex crimes it would be Jim Davidson. Keep this blog going, it’s brill.

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