Government steal from soldiers and nurses

I wrote just the other day about the British government’s plans to make the poor poorer. But that isn’t the worst of it. It has now been revealed how the exchequer is going to take money from the country’s hardest-working and most trusted people like soldiers and nurses!

Half a million soldiers, nurses and teachers will have their income slashed under the coalition’s benefits crackdown, according to a new report. The chancellor’s sub-inflation rise in benefits and tax credits over the next three years will hit a whole range of the country’s most trusted professionals.

Up to 40,000 soldiers, 300,000 nurses and 150,000 primary and nursery school teachers will lose cash, in some cases many hundreds of pounds, according to the Children’s Society. The revelation appears to contradict the government’s stated intention to target shirkers and scroungers, and will raise the temperature of the Commons debate and vote on the plan on Tuesday.

The analysis, which is set to be at the centre of Labour’s attack on the coalition in the Commons, when Ed Miliband’s party will vote against the policy, reveals for the first time the range of professions that will be hit. By 2015 a second lieutenant in the army who has three children, who earns £470 per week and whose wife does not work will lose £552 a year; a lone-parent nurse with two children, earning the profession’s average of £530 a week, will lose £424 a year; and a couple with two children where the sole earner is a primary school teacher, earning £600 a week, will lose £424.

Iain Duncan Smith, the work and pensions minister has been busy for months demonising the poor and saying his planned cuts will only hurt “scroungers” – but now he has been revealed for the liar he is. Unless he’s accusing soldiers, nurses and teachers of being scroungers. Is that what you’re saying, Minister? Do you think soldiers, nurses and teachers are spongers off society? Do they have to take a pay cut so your friends in the banks can enjoy huge bonuses?

Well, the Tories and their turn-coat Lib Dem allies had better keep those bankers and tax-avoiding billionaires very sweet. Because when the 2015 elections come round, those are the only people who’ll vote for them.

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