Vote for the tattoo!


Check out this guy! His name is Vladimir Franz, and he is currently running third in the Czech Republic’s presidential election polls. According to the Guardian “Vladimir Franz, an opera composer and painter, is tattooed from head to toe, his face a warrior-like mix of blue, green and red.” And very nice too. I think it’s good to have politicians who aren’t boring grey ciphers. And I’m not alone: again according to the Guardian “he’s not short of admirers in a country where voters are increasingly tired of politicians they say are corrupt and failing to deliver on years of promises, more than two decades after the fall of communism.”

Apparently Franz, a professor at the Prague School of Performing Arts, doesn’t know much about politics or economics, and decided to run only after a group of admirers established a “Franz for President” initiative and begged him to shake up the race as a shock candidate. But now he has a leading economist working with him for free, and volunteer campaign workers. He is not affiliated with any party, and is running on a ticket opposing corruption, promoting education and the Czech Republic’s moral standing.

His tattoos are certainly unusual for a presidential hopeful. But in the past he wouldn’t have been considered strange at all. During a televised debate, a caller compared him to “an exotic creature from Papua New Guinea”, which kind of makes my point. In many cultures in the past, and even in some places today, a challenger without tattoos wouldn’t stand a chance of becoming chief. And tattoos are certainly becoming more and more popular nowadays – just look at all the movie stars and musicians who sport ink.

In fact, Vladimir Franz is reawakening my interesting my interest in politics. Who knows: if David Cameron gets some ink work done,I might even vote for him in 2015!


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