Child sex killer Dutroux to remain in jail

Marc Dutroux, the Beast of Belgium, kidnapped raped 6 children and murdered 4

Marc Dutroux, the Beast of Belgium, sentenced to “life imprisonment” for kidnapping and raping 6 young girls and murdering 4 of them, has had his appeal for “conditional release” refused. He claimed he was no longer a danger to the public, and under Belgian law, prisoners can be freed after serving 15 years of a life sentence if they are no longer considered a risk to the public. But in its ruling the court said there was an “absence of any prospect” that Dutroux could be reintegrated into society.

I’m shocked that Belgian law is so lax as to allow early release in this way. Thank goodness this particular court saw sense. But I am also troubled by allegations, made soon after Dutroux’s arrest but later swept under the carpet, that Dutroux was merely the “procurer” and “fall guy” for a network of pedophiles including influencial Belgian judges, prosecutors, politicians, businessmen… that aspect of the case has never been properly investigated, possibly because these influential pedophiles have “deterred” any proper police investigation.

So is Belgium run by a coterie of nonces? We’ll have to wait and see…

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