Spider on the wall…

I thought you might like to have a peek (eeek!) of a spider I met while tidying up my patio after the ravages of winter.  It was a bloody monster, and I was somewhat relieved when I discovered it was camera-shy and crept off soon after.

The camera I used was a Fujifilm S5700 bridge camera which boasts 7 megapixels!  I bought it in 2007, and it’s still giving me much enjoyment.  It’s my close-up camera, as its “super macro” mode lets it focus on objects that are very nearly touching the lens!  I don’t think I got quite that close to Itsy-Bitsy (I’m not arachnophobic but they do make me a little queasy… plus I didn’t recognise this particular species, for all I knew it might have been a poisonous one-bite-and-yer-brown-bread kind of beast).  Luckily I survived the encounter, and here is a (reduced in size) copy of its mugshot.


Not being an arachnophile, I have no idea at all what this species is called.  If anyone reading this knows, please share your knowledge via Comments.  Inquiring Minds Need To Know!  🙂

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2 Responses to Spider on the wall…

  1. Ryan Hermann says:

    I tried to get a macro shot of one outside my front door the other night and he kept leaping at my camera…

  2. Carl says:

    Looks like a common wolf spider. I got bit by one when I was a kid because I thought picking it up was a good idea. Made me cry but wasn’t a big deal, they’re not very poisonous. They do get relatively big though, at least compared to most spiders around here. (VA, USA)

    They’re non-aggressive and will typically just try to get away from you. Some will make dense hammock-like webs that you see outdoors a lot, and some prefer to crawl around at night looking for prey. I might be mistaken, but I think they’ll even scavenge recently dead insects for food.

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