Thatcher’s dead

Margaret Thatcher, milk-snatcher.  1925-2013... took bloody long enough didn't she!

Margaret Thatcher, milk-snatcher. 1925-2013… took bloody long enough didn’t she!

Margaret Thatcher, the once-powerful creature who all but killed the “working class” by the destruction of the coal, steel and manufacturing industries in the UK and the wholesale privatisation of publicly-owned services and industries, has finally died, after years of drooling dementia. Am I sorry to see her go? No! As the title of this blog says, I hate hate. And “Lady” Thatcher was the personification of hatred. She despised the poor simply because they were poor. And huge swathes of the UK population hated her right back. She destroyed communities by closing down the coal and steel industries (and now we have to import most of our fuels and steel – good job Mags!

And now she’s going to be given a funeral like Princess Diana’s? When will the Tories pull their heads out of their arses? Thatcher may have been a heroic figurehead for them – but she was/still is loathed. She wasn’t the “people’s prime minister”, she was hated by so many people.

I hope and expect that the funeral procession will face heavy resistance and disruption. The bitch Thatcher must never be allowed to “rest in peace”. Rather she should face unrest in pieces, as have so many of her victims. It would be a good idea if her funeral procession took a detour through Liverpool! Soon see how beloved the old troll was then, wouldn’t we! Ronald Reagan’s loyal bitch-pup on the world stage, while in Britain she genuinely hated the vast majority of her own people.

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