Is Maggie in heaven with Jesus and the angels now, Mommy?

Thatcher’s dead.
Don’t watch TV.
Everyone in their eulogies
Is spouting shit like “she loved the poor.”
Mining industry? Not a word.
Privatisation? Not a peep.
I’m just glad she’s gone to sleep
And will never wake again
From the racks and the torments of her hellish pain.*

Then again, she’s probably having a drink with Saddam, Gaddafi and the rest of ’em. How many WMDs do you reckon Reagan shoved up her rear entrance during their “special relationship”?

So she’s having a good time… so why shouldn’t we (apart from the fact that the ConDems have made fun a luxury, reserved only for the rich). We ought to make 8 April a public national holiday? Get pissed, have a laugh, wear Spitting Image Thatcher masks. Then at nightfall we can congregate around bonfires and burn effigies of the Beast.

Margaret Thatcher, milk-snatcher.  1925-2013... took bloody long enough didn't she!

Margaret Thatcher, milk-snatcher. 1925-2013… took bloody long enough didn’t she!

An afterthought: do we burn effigies of Guy Fawkes because of “gunpowder, treason and plot”? Or is it cos he failed to exterminate the scum? Just asking…

*”Thatcher’s dead” poem by me. (OMG how talented am I? No nasty replies to that plz)

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