Linux Outlaws is poorly

If you look at my blog side-bar, you’ll see I like the podcast Linux Outlaws. But they’re not recording regularly at the moment (one of the presenters, Fab, has lost his job and for some reason that gives him less time to devote to the show. Does that make sense?).

Anyway, Linux Outlaws ain’t doing too well. If anyone knows of another decent Linux-based podcast, let me know through Comments. I like Linux. And so should you!

EDIT: Fans of Linux Outlaws probably already know, but I’m going to mention it here anyway, just in case a reader doesn’t yet know – Linux Outlaws are back, and had posted a couple of episodes before I noticed!  Fab and Dan are seriously devoted: they upload an episode at least once a week, sometimes more than once.  Yet they sound so laid-back and casual, it’s hard to relate this to everything Fab especially has gone through recently.  I hope he resolves all his problems soon.  Actually, it’d be pretty cool if he got another job posted in Britain.  I’ve never gone to a Linux outlaws-related event, nor an OGGCAMP but when he was living in London there was more chance of meeting him IRL.  He’s a fun character, outrageous and abrasive, which I approve.  If you haven’t listened to Linux Outlaws yet, you really ought to check it out – hit this link NOW!!


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