– worth a visit?

Last time I was in my local Lidl supermarket, I picked up a leaflet all about their new online photo printing service, They print digital photos for you, on paper, canvas, greeting cards, mugs and mouse mats, photo-books and booklets – ie the same stuff other such online services do. But Lidl is one of those supermarkets that sell goods with unfamiliar names, usually not well-known brands in the UK but of very good quality, for strikingly low prices. So, does their photo printing service follow the same model?

Unfortunately, I haven’t had the time to embark on a price comparison (the Boots site seems to want me actually create an item before it’ll tell me the price, and I’m too busy right now to go through the motions of making, say, a photobook that I don’t actually want to buy, I just want prices). But maybe someone reading this has bought/is considering buying an item, and they could post price differences in Comments? If any reader wants to do that, I’ll be forever grateful. Saying that, Lidl is well-known for its cheap prices, so I reckon there’s a decent chance this will carry over to the photo-printing service.

I was happy to see that the “free desktop ordering software” is available for Linux as well as Mac and Windows. Nice that businesses are finally accepting that Linux exists. Linux users may not be as numerous as those of Windows or MacOS, but we are out there and we ain’t going away. Kudos to Lidl on this point alone.

When I have more time, I’ll make a more in-depth report and comparison. But for now, I’m saying: is out there. Check it out.

Incidentally: uses centimetres to describe image dimensions, while Boots Photo still uses inches. Bloody idiots, companies should either harmonize their measurement units or use both. But since they’re not doing that: I use a site to do the conversion for me, whether cm -> inch or inch -> cm. Very handy.



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7 Responses to – worth a visit?

  1. Phoebe Newton says:

    I felt just the same frustration as you did. That’s why Boots have lost my custom!

  2. Laura Higgins says:

    I used Lidl photo service to do me a calendar. The service was very quick and very high quality photos so I would recommend. Cheap too – can’t remember exactly how much but it was cheap in comparison to other places. Online software was easy to use. I am about to use them again to get some normal prints done.

  3. Mo says:

    I asked for matt finish photos and lidl sent me glossy finish! Very disappointed.

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  5. js bhasin says:

    I would like print the photos there is no size and the prices

    • Martin X says:

      never did get round to my in-depth expose, lol. But theck their site, they got sizes and prices there –, of course

  6. Fsve says:

    Fuck off

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