So the police lied about Plebgate… what a surprise…

Well, whaddaya know? When Tory ex-Cabinet Minister Andrew Mitchell was accused of swearing at Downing Street cops and calling them “fucking plebs”, I thought it was probably true. That’s a classic Tory attitude isn’t it: “The police officers won’t open the main gates for me and my bicycle. Who are they to disobey their Lords and Masters? Fucking plebs.”

But now, it appears that the police were lying – and that is equally feasible. We’re not just talking about the cops who were actually there at Downing Street, in all the hoo-hah and police “investigations” into themselves and their mates, the police including the chief constables of West Mercia, Warwickshire and the West Midlands constabularies, have all been lying about the affair.

The police in Britain usually investigate themselves when there has been complaint of wrong-doing, and they generally don’t believe anyone who isn’t a copper. I have personal experience of making a complaint against the police and the “complaints department” have dismissed my complaint even though there was documentary proof that the officers in question were lying.

Well, the cops who apparently made up the “pleb” story are now to be recalled to Parliament to apologise for lying to a committee of MPs, and if they don’t do it they will be “in contempt of Parliament” which hopefully means they’ll get sent to the Tower of London to be beheaded. There would be plenty of folk volunteering for the executioner job; in fact I wouldn’t mind taking a swing at it myself!

Ben Jennings cartoon 4.11.2013












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