Pills that make you mad!

DothiepinMany years ago, a mate of mine with psychology problems swapped a bottle of Dothiepin (now known as Dosulepin) for some hash. Dothiepin was what me and my mates called a “mad drug”.  It helped mad people to function “as normal”.  What I didn’t know was that a sane person who took Dothiepin went through a spell of insanity.

I gave a few pills to a couple of people I know and boom! they suffered this insanity.  Multi-sensory hallucinations (visual, aural, touch) were all too common – and seemed so real.  One of my guinea pigs reported that, after I’d left him, he carried on making conversations with me (visual, aural etc), and that night he had for hours that I was hiding under his bed!  Another mate reported similar phenomena.  So, mad pills make you mad.

Now I gotta find my “normal pills” so all you fools think I’m normal! Pweet-woot wanna bing bong!

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