Merry Christmas, Santa!

-Hello Santa!

-Oh hello! What are you doing out of bed this late?

-We wanted to see you!

-Ssh! We don’t want to wake up your parents.

-Okay Santa.

-What did you say your name is?


-I wasn’t asking you Tracy, I was talking to your bear!

-Hehe! His name is Polo and he is a polar bear! Do you know any polar bears at the North Pole?

-Of course I do! But Tracy, it’s very late. You and Polo should go back to bed.

-But why were you putting the presents in your sack Santa?

-I just realised, I brought the wrong ones. I have to take these back to the North Pole. I’ll be back with yours in a bit.

-But how will you do it before waking-up time? We looked at the globe at school and the North Pole is a long way away.

-I can bring presents to all the boys and girls in the whole world in just one night! So I don’t think I’ll have any trouble nipping back with yours. Now go back to bed!

-Okay Santa. Good night.

-Good night.

-Santa, where are you going?

-I said, I’m off to get your presents.

-But don’t you have to go up the chimney?

-No, Rudolf and the other reindeers are waiting at the end of the road. So I’ll walk.

-Oh okay. Good night Santa!

-Ssh! Good night. Merry Christmas!

-Merry Christmas Santa!

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