Happy New Year! (Yeah yeah I know it’s late…)

I haven’t posted anything for ages. Sorry, Faithful Reader. I haven’t done very much at all lately, my head hasn’t been in the right place. But don’t worry! I intend to do more stuff this year, especially photos (which are always popular for some reason) and fiction (not always so popular, but tsb: you will *learn* to love my writing).

But what I really want to give you is what *you* want. So use the Comments to tell me what you want and I’ll endeavour to deliver it. But don’t bother telling  me to fuck off: I may have been slow starting this year, but regulars should know by now, I always return! Especially now I have the WordPress app for my Android phone (which I’m using to post this)… No matter where I am, I can get to  you, moo-hoo ha-ha!

So, normal service will be resumed very soon. Be afraid… be *very* afraid!!!  😉

Oh, one other thing: You can now make a donation to the blog (beer vouchers, ho ho ho!) by clicking on the “Make A Donation” button below.  It will take you to a page where you can make donations, in increments of £2.  The page says you’re paying the money to something called “razorednight” – don’t worry, this isn’t some evil hacker syphoning off the money, razorednight is the name of the account I use for the purpose of donation collection.  So, if you want to make a donation, feel free.  It’ll help me continue with this blogging thing.  If you don’t want to donate, that’s cool too.  You selfish oaf!!!  😉

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