Coronation Street’s “Ken Barlow” sex-case trial begins

The latest television sex-case trial is underway, as William Roache, who’s played Coronation Street’s “Ken Barlow” since the soap began, stands trial for serious charges of sexual assault on under-age girls.

One alleged victim, now in her 60s, told Preston crown court how, when she was just 14 years old, in 1965.  She described how Roache  sexually assaulted her in the men’s toilet at the soap opera’s studios.  She said that he forced her to masturbate him, then asked for her address and wrote a letter asking her to write back “when you start school again”. On another encounter she claims he asked her when she would be 16 and whether she had ever had oral sex.

She first met Roache when she was taking part in a talent contest with a school friend. After the pair failed their audition, they decided to “explore” the studio complex, she said.  She met Roache, now 81, who invited her and her friend to his dressing room.  Then he took her into the corridor and “pulled” her into the men’s toilets. There, he put her hand on his penis and moved it up and down. At the time she did not understand  what was going on. “It was outside my experience. But I knew it was wrong. This might sound strange, but my main worry was that I was in the gents’ toilets. I was in the wrong place.”

Afterwards, she said she didn’t tell her friend what had happened and handed over her address to Roache when he asked for it. “I was on autopilot. I was bewildered,” she told the jury. “I was ashamed at what had happened.”

Several weeks later she received a signed photograph of Roache, along with a short letter, which was read to the jury. Signed “Bill xx”, it thanked her for her “marvellous letter” and asked her to write back “when you start school again.”  She didn’t understand because she hadn’t written a letter to him; but she later agreed to return to Granada Studios for a tour of the Coronation Street set.

After the tour she went for a drive in Roache’s car, and he turned the subject to oral sex: “He asked me if I had ever had ‘it’ in my mouth,” she told the court, explaining that she took that to be a penis, despite her sexual inexperience. “I said no. I had no concept of oral sex.”

She didn’t tell anyone what had happened despite knowing it was wrong. “I was a naive young girl,” she said. “I thought we were having a relationship, no matter how misguided and naive that might be.”

The woman said she went to the police last year after hearing that another woman had accused Roache of raping her in the 1960s when she was 15.

“I was concerned that the allegation should be taken seriously because I felt that I had information that suggested his inclinations were towards young girls.”

Roache denies all the allegations against him. The case continues.

So, another sex-case involving celebrities and under-age girls.  I wonder how many more child molesters have been getting away with this kind of crap.  And to think William Roache was one accused of being “boring”!  The more I read and hear, the more sickening it seems.  Fucking nonces.

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