Spot the sniper!

Nice little feature on the Guardian website: a series on landscape photos by German photographer Simon Menner; each photo contains a sniper, camouflaged and hidden. So, look at the photos and spot the sniper. They’re very well hidden, I managed to spot him right away in just one of the photos; the others are fiendishly difficult. When you see the solutions, it generally becomes “obvious”… but not always.

Where is the sneaky so-and-so?

Where is the sneaky so-and-so?

There’s also a piece by Jonathan Jones on “the art of camouflage”, which explains the science behind concealment and mentions that “Designers are working right now on a Harry Potter style ‘invisibility cloak’ that can be 3D printed. The principles of camouflage can be translated to a nano scale by such technology, confusing the mind at a microscopic level.” Fascinating stuff for armchair warriors like myself, and I’m sure some readers will gain practical insight from the feature too.


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