The C*nt Wants To Close Our Hospitals

Jeremy Cun… sorry, Jeremy Hunt, the health secretary, wants to close hospitals. He’s tried to close hospitals before, but has been stopped. So he’s added a clause to the Care Bill, which will be up in the House of Commons *next Monday*!! Last October, a court ruled that Hunt acted illegally when he tried to cut A&E and maternity services at Lewisham hospital in south-east London.. So now, he’s come up with Clause 119 of the Care Bill, which will let him close hospital facilities whenever and wherever he wants. Check out the video, then please share it with your friends. Facebook, Twitter, email, even face-to-face! When enough people know what he’s up to, we can stop him. Hopefully. But if we just sit on our arses and do or say nothing, it might be *you* or *your child* who dies because your local hospital has been closed!



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