We need pirates in the European Parliament!

Voting for the European Elections is on 22 May.  And what we need in Europe is a fresh approach to politics that is not beholden to big business like the Tories and Labour; not haphazard and hypocritical like the LibDems; and not isolationalist and narrow-mindedly nationalist like Ukip.  We need Pirates!

The Pirate Party UK are the only party in the UK that want to give serious attention to the serious issues of mass surveillance, information rights, online privacy, and the lack of transparency that can lead to treaties like the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement that effectively allows corporations to set national law, threatens human rights, criminalises generic medicine to the benefit of the pharmaceutical industry, all agreed and signed up to in secret instead of being debated and scrutinized in public by our elected representatives.

Some people consider the Pirate Party UK to be a single-issue organisation concerned only with online intellectual rights ownership.  But that isn’t what  the Pirates are all about.  Watch the video, and check out their website – www.pirateparty.org.uk.  Of course, they want money.  All parties are on the beg on the run up to an election.  But the Pirates aren’t asking for nearly as much as the other parties.  They just want to be able to contest a reasonable number of seats, which will give them a power-base with real negotiating power within the European Parliament.

Watch the video, visit their site.  Give them some money if you can.  And if there’s a Pirate candidate in your area, vote for them in the election.  Give them  go.  Let’s try and refresh politics.

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