BNP leader Nick Griffin loses seat in European Parliament; couldn’t happen to a nicer cnut…

It’s a shame Ukip did so well in the European parliamentary elections.  Nick Griffin, the leader of the BNP, conceded his defeat, saying that BNP supporters had voted for “Ukip’s racist policies instead”.  So now, instead of 2 seats, the BNP has none (Andrew Brons, who won the Yorkshire seat in 2009, fell out with Griffin – who wouldn’t? – left the party and didn’t contest the seat this time round.

I hope the Ukip wins were down to protest votes, and don’t reflect how the British electorate will vote in the next General Election.  Can you imagine living under the rule of that looks-like-a-grinning-loon-so-we-don’t-realise-he’s-a-fascist-until-it’s-too-late dick?

Anyway, for those of us who like seeing pictures of Griffin, I’ve found one for you.  Made me titter.

Nick Griffin goes bankrupt




Oh, and here’s one of his daughter, Jennifer Matthys. She’s a doll, huh?  😉 Also a Fascist loon. Provided just in case you see her in the street and want to give her a big hug. Or something. (Nothing illegalthough.  I don’t want to get done for “inciting a riot” or something.)


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