Chief constable under investigation… what, just the one?

Nick Gargan, the chief constable of Avon and Somerset police, is under investigation for data protection breaches. His alleged misdeeds came to light after 2 whistleblowers revealed that Gargan was constantly making inappropriate comments and generally being a lech towards younger female police officers. The IPCC checked out his computer and discovered he had been emailing details of police business to “individuals unconnected with the force”. So he’s been suspended and is going to be interviewed under caution.

Gargan was a bit of a police star – he used to be head of the national policing improvement agency and was once tipped as a possible Metropolitan police commissioner. So, does this mean that no copper is untouchable? All officers have to be on their best behaviour, even the bosses?

Of course not. Gargan may have made enemies amongst other senior cops (like Stevens was, long ago); or this may all come to nothing. It might just be a publicity stunt. It’s always nice to see cops fall on their stupid faces, but it doesn’t mean that the police have suddenly become law-abiding. And worse: if the top boy can’t be trusted, what does that say about what his colleagues and underlings are up to?

So, Gargan: in or out? Watch this space…

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