New powers to seize terror “suspects” passports… yet another thought crime…

On the Guardian website today (29 August 2014) is a top-of-the-page headline: “New powers to seize terror suspects’ passports”. Now maybe that seems fine to you – can’t have terrorists suicide-bombing their way around the world on British passports, can we? But that is not the intent of prime minister Cameron’s plan, and by wording their headline as they have, the Guardian (and, I expect, other newspapers) are deliberately misrepresenting what the government are up to.


The current law already allows for the confiscation of terror suspects’ passports – “terror suspects” meaning people who are suspected of engaging in terrorism. This new law is rather an extension of the old, much-criticized “control orders”, which allowed the authorities to keep people under virtual house arrest because the police think the individual might engage in terrorism. The law allowed for control orders to be imposed on individuals without telling the “suspect” what evidence existed. If you’re put under a control order as a result of evidence that you and your legal representatives aren’t allowed to see, how are you supposed to effectively defend himself? What if the evidence is faulty? How can you appeal, when you don’t know what lies the authorities are using to impose the control order?

And now the thought crime is going one step further. “Oh look, there’s a British Muslim trying to leave the country. He’s got a return ticket to Paris on the Eurostar, but maybe he isn’t really planning to return. Maybe he’s going to travel on to Syria or Iraq and behead people. After all, that’s what Muslims do, isn’t it? Look on Youtube, you’ll see a video of an American journalist being beheaded by a British Muslim. Bloody British Muslims, all the bloody same. Better take away is passport.”

Secret evidence, secret courts, all makes me think “secret police”, and “police state”. Maybe you don’t care because you’re not a Muslim? Well, who do you expect to come rescue you when the authorities decide that people like you might be a threat? Pull your head out of your butt; and don’t give me any of that “Can’t happen here” crap, because it is happening here, now.

Incidentally, the UK terror threat was raised from substantial to severe for the first time since 2010. This means that an attack is deemed to be “highly likely” – although not necessarily imminent. Who decided that? Them. And you must never question what they say or do…

According to WordPress, this is my 399th post. Which means the next post will be #400!! That’s got to be a cool anniversary, yeah? So get in touch, tell me what you’d like me to write about, and I’ll try to please you all. If you’re familiar with I HATE HATE!!! you know I’m perfectly capable of writing about anything, even stuff I know absolutely nothing about. And if no one makes any suggestions, I’ll pretend someone did and write some drivel about something no one knows or cares about. Something else you know I’m perfectly capable of, if you are at all familiar with this blog…

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2 Responses to New powers to seize terror “suspects” passports… yet another thought crime…

  1. mike and brandy says:

    by the way, not all Christians are KKK…. I’ve never met even one. it might be a good idea for a blog called ‘I hate hate’ to not spread ‘hate’ for Christians by slandering all of us as KKK.
    just a thought.

  2. Martin X says:

    I wasn’t saying that all Christians are Ku Klux Klan members! Could this be a case of transference (I think that’s the name of the phenomenon, please correct me and tell me what the phenomenon is known as if you’re a psychologist and you know more about it than me). For a start, nowhere in my post did I say anything about the KKK. Yes, I used a picture of a KKK costume subtitled “Christian burka, but that’s not *my* subtitle – merely one that I find amusing and appropriate in some cases.

    Let me explain, for all those knee-jerk response characters. The burka is sometimes viewed as a costume used by Muslim fundamentalists. That’s not *my* opinion, but it a widely-accepted opinion. It’s a shame, but we can only work with what people think.

    Similarly, many people will think that the KKK trades on the participation of Christian fundamentalists – those odd-balls who think the Bible is the literal word of their god, who think that the Earth was created in 4004 BC, that dinosaur fossils were planted by their god to “test our faith”), evolution is an anti-Christian conspiracy, and who think that all non-Christians should be converted. Very similar to the bigoted views of some Muslim fundamentalists. So, my inclusion of the KKK picture was a joke, that works on a number of levels.

    I suppose I can understand why you thought I was being mean to Christians, accusing them of being Klan members. That wasn’t my intention: I posted the image very much in the spirit of the blog’s title I HATE HATE!!! I was confronting the hatred that is aimed (especially by Christians) at women who wear the burka. Yes, some women are forced to wear it; but many women (especially in “Western democracies”) make a conscious decision to wear it, as a reflection of the faith. I defend the right to wear anything that one wants to wear. I mean, what exactly is offensive about the burka?

    There’s also the fact that many Klanners *are* Christian fundamentalists. When they burn crosses, it isn’t an anti-Christian act; it is using the symbol of their god to reflect their disapproval of the non-whites and their different faiths. At no point have I tried to say Christians = KKK. I probably could produce an article that cogently argues that point of view. But I won’t, as I know a few born-agains and they tend to accept the right of other people to have different faiths.

    The article was about “new powers to seize terror suspects’ passports”. A redundant law, since there is already legislation to cover this. It’s all part of a slide to “anti-extremism”, which is very problematic. How do you define an extremist? Should ardent followers of Christ’s teachings be labelled as “extremists” and have their passports confiscated? These are the issues in my mind. Of course I don’t think all Christians are Klanners. That’s the kind of accusation that idiots would level against me. But you surely accept that *some* KKK members are Christians? Or are you even more bigoted than I suspect?

    Thanks for the comment, mike and brandy. I wish more readers would leave Comments, they’re usually interesting, even if the Comment appears to have been written by a baboon.

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