We’re all gonna get kippered!

Ukip are getting more and more powerful. An Opinium/Observer poll published today (26 Oct) shows 31% would vote for Ukip if they thought Ukip could win in their constituency! That is some result. We could all get kippered, if that 31% actually come to believe that Ukip are a credible outfit.

Don't blame me, blame Google Images!

Don’t blame me, blame Google Images!

I’m not going to rehash a Ukip discussion. All I’ll say on the subject is that Ukip are dangerous regardless of Farage’s friendly smile and “common sense” image. Don’t vote for them. FFS!

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5 Responses to We’re all gonna get kippered!

  1. mike and brandy says:

    Rather than the image, I’d like to hear more of why you think ukip is dangerous.
    Too often I see comparisons to Hitler and the the Germans national socialism of the 19 30 ‘ s and 40’s but without the facts and reasonings for the comparison.
    I’m neither a Hitler fan nor do I live in the UK to know too much about ukip, but aren’t they libertarian in nature vs hitler’s national socialism?
    Why do you make the comparison and for what similarities?
    Or is it just hate?

    • Martin X says:

      Ukip is dangerous because it is introducing lots of MPs, MEPs, who harbour very dark ideas. If you don’t know what I mean, ask Google (other search engines are available). If mike and brandy get their way, the balance of political power will be in the hands of a pretty good impersonation of neo_Nazi policy.

      • mike and brandy says:

        thx. it’s not often I get called a Nazi by someone I don’t even know. appreciate your objectivity and Hate for Hate.

        but seriously folks… I think you have your history a bit skewed. the Nazi party was the National Socialist Party… outworking of German Democratic socialism.

        Libertarians are not even close to National Socialists or Nazis or Democratic Socialism that has ruined Europe and is currently filfering and squandering the wealth of the US.

        I don’t remember who said it but “the problem with socialism is eventually you run out of everybody else’s money”

        please, no more name calling. that’s just Hate… and you Hate that, don’t you?

      • Martin X says:

        Thank God that UKIP did so poorly in the election . But the conservative victory means I still a nasty taste kn my mouth.

        mike and brandy: sure the nazis were the nsdap; (national socialist German workers’ party). But ‘national socialism’ had very little in common with real socialism. The nazis arrested and killed communists because they were communists. Can’t remember that being a Marxist idea. Same with the mass murders of homosexuals, Roma people, ‘decadent’/critical artists and writers, and, most famously, Jewish people. What was so socialist about that?

        Hitler was voted into a senior poltical office by lying. Farage and his buddies would do the same if they got the chance. I don’t mean they’ll commit mass murders. But they *would* build concentration camps (with a different designation, of course) for all the victims of planned mass deportations; they *would* introduce a form of slave labour (do hard, vile work in exchange for tiny amount of welfare, those designated unfit to work included);they would repeal discrimination laws; and their charismatic leader, Farage, would reassure the people that everything’s ok, kissing babies and sharing a cigarette and a beer with ‘real working men’.

        mike and brandy: if you can’t see thrI ugh the lies of Hitler and Farage and see the similaritires between them, all I can sayhank the Godess you don’t live in Britain!

        By the way: I *didn’t** call you a Nazi. I wrote ‘If mike and brandy get their way, the balance of political power will be in the hands of a pretty good impersonation of neo_Nazi policy.’ Meaning it’s ignorance like yours that lets Nazis get in. Just like the Germen people in the 1930s weren’t Nazis – just swastika-waving ignoramuses.

        Get yourselves some education now, lest the shit really hits the fan and those in power start making the ‘hard decisions’ that they’ve been waiting for years to make.

        PS I do hate hate. And groups like Ukip are hate groups. It’s sad you can’t see that. Where do you get your British political news? The Murdoch-owned press and tv channels?

      • mike and brandy says:

        We don’t watch TV at all. Haven’t in years. Thx for the likes and reply. He we can exchange again soon. -mike

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