Save the earth – buy a forest!


[image from Facebook]

I saw this on Facebook, and it got me to thinking: There are a lot of rich sods out there who could do the same. If anyone reading this knows a multi-millionaire, tell her/him to out-do Johan by buying 500,000 acres, or 5,000,000 acres. Get the rich folk trying to go one better than their peers by buying larger plots. Until the rain-forests have all been bought for preservation. Then timber merchants can grow plantations for their commercial requirements, paper mills can start using hemp instead of wood, the richies can feel all smug and better-than-everyone-else, and life on earth can continue.

Of course, this won’t happen. It certainly could happen, I’m sure there’s enough money lying around in the wallets and piggy-banks of the super-rich.  But as they say: rich people didn’t get rich by giving away their money. And the buy-a-rainforest idea goes against too many vested interests and too many greedy bastards who are never satisfied with what they’ve got, no matter how rich they are they want more more more and the human race and the earth itself can go fuck itself.

Johan Eliasch has done a good thing.  And it’s certainly made him feel a bit more self-satisfied (he didn’t do it anonymously, did he?).  But he’s not setting an example for his peers.  Us humans are mean and greedy and selfish and we’d prefer to see the human race and the planet burn rather than give away a tiny percentage of their wealth (I bet Eliasch is still stinking rich despite spending a fortune on a bunch of trees).  We’re an evil species, and probably deserve the death we’re hurtling towards.

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